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Trappin Aint Dead Podcast

Yooooooo, what’s good. It’s another day, another dollar in Miami. Peep game and keep ya head on the swivel. The Trappin’ Ain’t Dead Podcast, is a Miami millennial conversation about what’s going on locally in hip hop, community and politics. When most people hear the word “Trap” they think of the “trap house” where it goes down, but in fact, “the trap” is our whole environment because everyone around it is affected by it. “Trappin” is simply a cultural reference to what’s happening in the hood and what’s going on behind our backs in urban communities. Tune in every week as Munch and Janey Tate discuss everything from fake news to reality tv, access and opportunity to resources and social issues to policy. So, if you’re from the 305, get involved. If not, come find out what goes on across the bridge in the city that don’t sleep.

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