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All-Star Video

All-Star Video's podcast is bringing insight into films that may otherwise be ignored, misunderstood, or forgotten. It is also about bringing attention to those that are bringing it to you through interviews with directors, distributors and innovators.

info_outline THE FAN (AKA DER FAN / TRANCE) 08/16/2015
info_outline LADY TERMINATOR 07/19/2015
info_outline Satan's Blade - All Star Video Podcast 05/23/2015
info_outline HOLOGRAM MAN! 04/11/2015
info_outline GORE-MET ZOMBIE CHEF FROM HELL 01/31/2015
info_outline RACE WITH THE DEVIL - 1975 12/23/2014
info_outline CURTAINS - 1983 Horror FIlm 12/16/2014
info_outline Mr. Mom - ALL STAR VIDEO 12/05/2014
info_outline THE CAT 07/25/2014
info_outline Ms. 45 07/18/2014
info_outline DRIVE ANGRY 07/04/2014
info_outline THE CHINESE CONNECTION 06/13/2014
info_outline ROBOCOP 2 06/06/2014
info_outline HEAVY METAL MASSACRE 04/25/2014
info_outline REEL ZOMBIES 04/18/2014
info_outline CANDYMAN 04/04/2014
info_outline PSYCHO KICKBOXER: THE DARK ANGEL 03/28/2014
info_outline KNIGHTRIDERS 03/07/2014
info_outline BLOOD LAKE! 02/28/2014
info_outline WWF SURVIVOR SERIES of 1990 02/21/2014
info_outline FIVE FAVORITE SLASHER FILMS 02/14/2014
info_outline ENCINO MAN 02/07/2014
info_outline INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS HEWITT 01/31/2014
info_outline 555 01/24/2014
info_outline INTERVIEW WITH KATHIE SMITH 01/14/2014
info_outline THE LAST SLUMBER PARTY 12/27/2013
info_outline Interview with LEWIS JACKSON 11/26/2013
info_outline SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 12/19/2013
info_outline Interview with JESUS TERAN of SLASHER VIDEO 12/17/2013
info_outline THE FILMS OF CHESTER NOVELL TURNER 12/13/2013