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Amplified Network Marketing

Amplified Network Marketing is a weekly podcast, hosted by David T.S. Wood, where he will share his stories and trainings and bring in top leaders from the industry to share their secrets of success and the lessons they have learned the hard way. Each episode will bring you new information and knowledge that you can apply to your business, but also your personal life. It is designed specifically for those at any stage of their career (beginners to pros) who want to raise the level of their lives, both in professionally and personally. David has has incredible experience, passion and love for this profession. And it’s not just David training you. You will be hearing from leaders who have gone there, been there, and done that (like Lisa DeMayo, Susan Sly, Dr. John Gray and Peta Kelly) and those who are in the middle of their career build, who have learned critical lessons for their success. Every episode will have the key lessons also resources that these leaders have used to travel their journey and reach their success.

info_outline Episode 120: Taking a Look at the Man in the Mirror - changes on the way [PODCAST] 04/18/2016
info_outline Nat Cook - Believing You Can: A Story of Triumph from Olympic Gold to Network Marketing [Podcast 118] 04/06/2016
info_outline Alexis Romano - The millionaire mindset of an emerging professional network marketer [Podcast 117] 03/30/2016
info_outline Dawn Ferrentino - Building a life you love through network marketing [Podcast 116] 03/23/2016
info_outline Shawn Owen: Building wealth - His story, his strategies. 03/11/2016
info_outline Peta Kelly - Creating a Life of Abundance by Leading with Your Why [Podcast 101] 03/09/2016
info_outline Creating a limitless impact 03/02/2016
info_outline Sarah Rowan Dahl- Incorporating and rediscovering your own creativity 02/24/2016
info_outline Adam & Michelle Carey - Etiquette: The Key to Accelerating Success [Podcast 111] 02/10/2016
info_outline Money Management: Sustaining and Securing Your Wealth- with Neal Inscoe [Podcast 110] 02/03/2016
info_outline Episode 77: Finding And Fixing Your Money Nerve, with Bob Wheeler [PODCAST] 02/01/2016
info_outline Tracy O'Malley - Building An Empire From Rock Bottom 01/27/2016
info_outline Residual and Passive Income streams with Matt Miller [Podcast 108] 01/20/2016
info_outline Bill Ryan - The 5 Cash Flows, 5 Steps of Success, and The Power of Geometric Growth [Podcast 107] 01/13/2016
info_outline Co-Investing in Real Estate to Build Wealth, with Matthew Golden and Kira Golden McClellan [Podcast 106] 01/06/2016
info_outline From Butcher to Network Marketing Millionaire at 62 Years of Age, with Jimmy Smith [PODCAST 105] 12/30/2015
info_outline Chris Atkinson: Why it’s never too late, no matter your past [Podcast 104] 12/16/2015
info_outline Age is just a number: The fantastic success of 77 year old Eric J Smetherman - [Podcast 102] 12/02/2015
info_outline Christine Burke - Lifestyle and location freedom through her network marketing business [Podcast 101] 11/26/2015
info_outline Episode 23 - David T.S. Wood - Conflict resolution is the goal of every conflict [PODCAST] 05/20/2015
info_outline Episode 22 - How to Make your Light Glow - lessons from Transformed Women [PODCAST] 05/18/2015
info_outline Episode 21 - Pat Flynn - Turning a huge disappointment into a bigger opportunity [PODCAST] 05/15/2015
info_outline JoJo and Vinnie Bennington - Daring to Redefine Yourself 01/01/1970