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The Android Authority Podcast – discussing topics in Android every week. The Android Authority Podcast brings you all the top stories of the past seven days. Hosts Adam Doud, Jonathan Feist, and Joe Hindy give you the news, opinions, and commentary every Friday. Plus, we'll be bringing you bonus episodes with our featured stories. These episodes will take a deep dive into a single topic that needs a bit more love. From interviews with industry insiders to flagship phone releases, our featured stories will give you an in depth look at the topics that matter most. All this and more on the Android Authority podcast! Check out androidauthority.com for all the best news and reviews for your favorite phones and tablets, then join our community forums to join in on the discussion. Don't forget to hit our YouTube channel for even more.

info_outline Is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro half empty, or half full? 09/21/2019
info_outline Hello Moto 09/19/2019
info_outline Everything about the iPhone 11 and the Google Pixel 4...but only one of them was announced featuring Jaime Rivera from Pocketnow 09/14/2019
info_outline IFA 2019 - Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, LG G8X, and so, so, so much more 09/07/2019
info_outline IFA I’m getting a phone, make it Fold! 09/07/2019
info_outline This is Android 10, and we can’t wait... 09/03/2019
info_outline IFA preview and how ethical is your phone? 08/30/2019
info_outline Android is dead. Long live Android!  08/23/2019
info_outline The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Podcast Review: Leading, but is it a leader? 08/23/2019
info_outline Gary Explains: RISC-V: The open-sourced hardware solution of our dreams 08/20/2019
info_outline So you think you can zoom? Hold my beer. 08/16/2019
info_outline Final Samsung Note 10 Notes and Netflix’s foe 08/10/2019
info_outline Note 10-ium Leviosa 08/08/2019
info_outline Looking back at our long-lost phones 08/07/2019
info_outline Samsung’s shock and awe 08/03/2019
info_outline Asus ROG phone 2 is an absolute unit 07/27/2019
info_outline Will the Samsung Galaxy Note get the snappier Snapdragon? 07/20/2019
info_outline Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Review: Big and Beautiful 07/20/2019
info_outline Switching on Sprint’s 5G 07/13/2019
info_outline US Government all up in your Google 07/06/2019
info_outline Android on your desktop? Android IS your desktop! 06/29/2019
info_outline LG V50 5G Podcast review, plus talking Sprint 5G deployment with Richard Self, Director of RF Engineering 06/27/2019
info_outline Google pushes RCS into the Fold 06/22/2019
info_outline Google Pixel 4 confirmed and E3 gaming 06/14/2019
info_outline Introducing our new home! 06/08/2019
info_outline Google Stadia and be recognized 06/07/2019
info_outline Apple’s WWDC Keynote: Know thy enemy featuring Megan Morrone from TWiT! 06/05/2019
info_outline Helloooooo Moto Z4 and the Pixel is on the right track 06/01/2019
info_outline Gary Explains: ARM’s new toys and how the SoC works 05/27/2019
info_outline Huawei's Woes 05/24/2019