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The 365 Days of Astronomy, the daily podcast of the International Year of Astronomy 2009

The 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast is a project that is publishing one podcast per day, 5 to 10 minutes in duration, for all 365 days of 2009. The podcast episodes are written, recorded and produced by people around the world. We are looking for individual

info_outline The Cosmic Savannah Ep. 24 - HIRAX 01/23/2021
info_outline Weekly Space Hangout - Solar System Superhighways with Dr. Aaron Rosengren & Di Wu 01/22/2021
info_outline Actual Astronomy Ep. 83 - Deep-Sky Observing In Orion,Taurus & Perseus 01/21/2021
info_outline Awesome Astronomy - January Part 2 01/20/2021
info_outline Ask A Spaceman Ep. 144: Astro 101 Part 6 - What Are Galaxies? 01/19/2021
info_outline Astronomy Cast Ep. 591: What Are We Gonna Do With All That Space Junk? 01/18/2021
info_outline Travelers in the Night Eps. 101E & 102E: A Dwarf Water Planet in Our Solar System & Rose’s First Asteroid 01/17/2021
info_outline Deep Astronomy - The Great Binocular Episode 01/16/2021
info_outline Weekly Space Hangout - Guest: Alberto Caballero - A Potential Source For The WOW! Signal 01/15/2021
info_outline The Daily Space - Primordial Black Holes, Dark Matter, and… the Multiverse? 01/14/2021
info_outline Cheap Astronomy - Dear CA #63 - Hot Air 01/13/2021
info_outline Guide To Space - A Return Mission to Pluto? This Time to Stay 01/12/2021
info_outline Astronomy Cast Ep. 590: Lunar Hazards: Dust, Radiation and More 01/11/2021
info_outline Travelers in the Night Eps. 99E & 100E: Green Meteors & A Banner Year For Asteroid Hunters 01/10/2021
info_outline NOIRLab - The 2021 Globe At Night Kickoff 01/09/2021
info_outline Weekly Space Hangout - Dr. Alan Stern: What’s On The Horizon For New Horizons 01/08/2021
info_outline The Daily Space - Current Neptunian Storm Reverses Direction and Sheds Fragment 01/07/2021
info_outline Awesome Astronomy - January Part 1 01/06/2021
info_outline Ask A Spaceman Ep. 143: Astro 101 Part 5: What Are Neutron Stars, White Dwarfs & Black Holes? 01/05/2021
info_outline Astronomy Cast Ep. 14: We’re All Made Of Supernovae 01/04/2021
info_outline Travelers in the Night Eps. 97E & 98E: Eighteen Sleeps Later & Asteroids Accessible By Human Space Flight 01/03/2021
info_outline Guide To Space - Soaring Above Mars. Airplanes, Helicopters and Balloons on the Red Planet 01/02/2021
info_outline Actual Astronomy - Ep. 79: January 2021 01/01/2021
info_outline The Daily Space - Strange Exoplanet Could Be Similar To Theoretical Planet 9 12/31/2020
info_outline Cheap Astronomy - Dear Cheap Astro #62: Through A Glass, Cheaply 12/30/2020
info_outline Science@Home Interview - Dan McGlaun #2 12/29/2020
info_outline Astronomy Cast Ep. 13: Where Do Stars Go When They Die? 12/28/2020
info_outline Travelers in the Night Eps. 95E & 96E: Mining Asteroids & How Close Will It Come To Us? 12/27/2020
info_outline The Cosmic Savannah - Ep. 23: ThunderKAT 12/26/2020
info_outline Guide To Space - Space Navigation: Finding Your Way In The Cosmos 12/25/2020