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The 365 Days of Astronomy

The 365 Days of Astronomy podcast launched in 2009 as part of the International Year of Astronomy. This community podcast continues to bring you day after day of content across the years. Everyday, a new voice, helping you see the universe we share in a new way. This show is managed by Avivah Yamani, edited by Richard Drumm. This podcast is funded through Patreon.com/CosmoQuestX and produced out of the Planetary Science Institute.

info_outline EVSN - The Compass (Sometimes... Kinda) Points North 02/23/2024
info_outline Cheap Astronomy - Fantastic Physics Formulas - Episode 9 02/22/2024
info_outline SETI Live - Drifting Signals: New Boundaries for Radio Technosignatures 02/21/2024
info_outline Ask A Spaceman - Ep. 218: How Do We Know What the Milky Way Looks Like? 02/20/2024
info_outline Astronomy Cast Ep. 708: What Goes Into Sample Return Missions From Asteroids & Comets? 02/19/2024
info_outline Travelers in the Night Eps. 241E & 242E: Lunar Village & Blinded 02/18/2024
info_outline Awesome Astronomy - Ep. 140: Giant European Space Lasers! 02/17/2024
info_outline EVSN - Spooky Season Space Images 02/16/2024
info_outline Actual Astronomy - Astronomy Books 02/15/2024
info_outline SETI Live - “The Big One”: The Most Powerful Marsquake Ever Detected 02/14/2024
info_outline Exoplanet Radio Ep. 11 - TRAPPIST-1: A System Full Of Hope 02/13/2024
info_outline Astronomy Cast Ep. 707: What Goes Into A Sample Return Mission? Moon & Mars 02/12/2024
info_outline Travelers in the Night Eps. 239E & 240E - Fresh Lunar Crater & The King 02/11/2024
info_outline NOIRLab - 20 Years Of Journey Through The Universe 02/10/2024
info_outline EVSN - Making Anti-Matter… Matter 02/09/2024
info_outline Cheap Astronomy - Dear CA Ep. 101: More Stars 02/08/2024
info_outline SETI Live - Unveiling the Future of Amateur Astronomy: Unistellar’s ODYSSEY Telescope 02/07/2024
info_outline Ask A Spaceman - Ep. 217: Will We Achieve Fusion Power Soon? 02/06/2024
info_outline Astronomy Cast Ep. 706: China’s Space Program 02/05/2024
info_outline Travelers in the Night Eps. 237E & 283E: Tough Tourist & Born Wild 02/04/2024
info_outline Awesome Astronomy - How The Sun Actually Works 02/03/2024
info_outline Actual Astronomy - The Observer's Calendar for February 2024 02/02/2024
info_outline EVSN - Whales and (Possible) Space Whales 02/01/2024
info_outline SETI Live - Out There: The Science Behind Sci-Fi Film and TV with Ariel Waldman 01/31/2024
info_outline Exoplanet Radio Ep. 10: An Exoplanet Found in Another Galaxy 01/30/2024
info_outline Astronomy Cast Ep. 103: Electromagnetism 01/29/2024
info_outline Travelers in the Night Eps. 235E & 236E: Potential Mining Target & Incoming 01/28/2024
info_outline The Cosmic Savannah Ep. 53: Space Lasers! 01/27/2024
info_outline EVSN - Blast From the Past: Watch the Annular Eclipse on October 14! 01/26/2024
info_outline Awesome Astronomy - Millards in Space! 01/25/2024