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AT HOME with Byron Katie

Hello. This is Byron Katie, and I welcome you to the “At Home with Byron Katie” podcast. Each week, you’ll find me here with a different guest as we inquire into the cause of all suffering and how to end it. I SO love what each guest brings to the table, and I hope that you will too. Is there a problem in your world? Is there someone in your life, past or present, who resembles my guest or the person to whom my guest is relating? Invite your mind to stillness, relax, pay attention moment by moment as you join us from wherever you are, as you relate what you hear to your own life, and experience the internal thrill of enlightenment—not only as some exalted state of mind but as the elementary, doable, down-to-earth experience of understanding the cause of all suffering and how to end it. We exercise our bodies, but what about our minds? Think of this podcast as mental hygiene. I marvel at the courage, depth and humor that each guest brings to the table and invite you to get quiet, relax, move attention to your breath, open your heart and mind to inquiry. Now meet my next guest and let’s do The Work. For more information, visit thework.com.

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