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Attack Ads! The Podcast

Attack Ads! questions the dominance of media supported mainly by the corrupting influence of commercial advertising sponsorship, and aims to raise both awareness and outrage at the limitations such a system produces.

info_outline Good For Whatever Ails You 02/20/2019
info_outline Propaganda, An Introduction 02/06/2019
info_outline Call It What You Will 01/30/2019
info_outline My Filter Bubble of Vindication 01/09/2019
info_outline ¡Feces Navidad! 12/25/2018
info_outline Can You Hear Me Now? 12/19/2018
info_outline Gates & Gatekeepers 12/04/2018
info_outline With This Pin I Stitch Some Dumb 11/20/2018
info_outline Coffee and Water Everywhere 11/07/2018
info_outline The Cherry on My Crap Mondae 10/30/2018
info_outline Drab Walls Dance… With Ads 10/23/2018
info_outline Ragged Dick, Right Here 10/09/2018
info_outline I've Got Your Ragged Dick 09/26/2018
info_outline Head Banging 09/11/2018
info_outline Casserole 08/29/2018
info_outline Day Breaks 08/14/2018
info_outline Pitching Wu 08/01/2018
info_outline Summer Vacation Homework 07/17/2018
info_outline Show Me The Incentives 07/03/2018
info_outline Rave Review: The Hucksters 06/19/2018
info_outline The Boob's Halo & Halo's Boob 06/05/2018
info_outline The Mundane and The Sublime 05/23/2018
info_outline So Good, So Far, Maybe, I Guess 05/08/2018
info_outline Mai FrootiToons Daybew 04/24/2018
info_outline The Headwaters of Bullshit River 04/11/2018
info_outline So Many Layers of Fail 03/28/2018
info_outline Pull! 03/14/2018
info_outline Cranky Jack Hammers 02/28/2018
info_outline Let Me Educate You 02/14/2018
info_outline A Zillion Ringy Dingies 01/24/2018