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Authentic Influencer Podcast

When it comes to building a business online, we are surrounded with the idea that the only way to be successful is to hustle our way to the top and bug everyone you know. We are on a mission to prove it doesn't have to be that way. Welcome to the Authentic Influencer Podcast where authenticity is king and profit is a side effect. My name is Brooke Elder. With over 20 years experience in direct sales and digital marketing, I've helped thousands of women learned that being an authentic influencer is the key to success. Join me each week as I bring you new ideas of strategies and tips on how to build a purpose-driven business that is authentic to you.

info_outline EP80: Be a High Performer at Any Stage of Business with Mike Szczesniak 03/24/2020
info_outline EP79: Take Control of Your Morning with Pat Petrini 03/17/2020
info_outline EP78: The Difference Between Success and Influence with Brooke Elder 03/10/2020
info_outline EP77: Becoming a 6-Figure Earner in 4 months by Creating a Personal Brand with Anna Smith 03/03/2020
info_outline EP76: Simple Systems Make Success Easy with Danny Clarke 02/25/2020
info_outline EP75: How to Get Your Name Out There Even if You're an Introvert with Luisa Zhou 02/18/2020
info_outline EP74: Re-Thinking Success and Reaching Network Marketing Breakthroughs with Rob Sperry 02/11/2020
info_outline EP73: Social Media Posts that Don’t Sound Like a Used Car Salesman with Alyssa Light 02/04/2020
info_outline EP72: Financial Freedom is a Lie with Brooke Elder 01/28/2020
info_outline EP71: Finding Your Passion Makes All the Difference with Blake Schofield 01/21/2020
info_outline EP70: Never Lose a Customer with Alyssa Light 01/14/2020
info_outline EP69: Become a Goal Digger with Kimberly Olson 01/07/2020
info_outline EP68: Leveraging Stories to Sell More and Make an Impact with Justin and Michelle DeMers 12/31/2019
info_outline EP67: Using Your Strengths to Guide You with Tricia Peterson 12/24/2019
info_outline EP66: Get Out Of Your Own Way with Cheryl Sutherland 12/17/2019
info_outline EP65: Getting the most out of Facebook Groups with Brooke Elder 12/10/2019
info_outline EP64: Definition of a Spammy Weirdo with Brooke Elder 12/03/2019
info_outline EP63: Get Out Of Corporate And Make A Difference with Kate Stewart 11/26/2019
info_outline EP62: People Don’t Join Companies with Brooke Elder 11/19/2019
info_outline EP61: The 3 Enemies of Success 11/12/2019
info_outline EP60: Stop Selling and Start Sharing 11/05/2019
info_outline EP59: Using Facebook to Grow Your Business with Joanne Webb 10/29/2019
info_outline EP58: Learning from Our Failures 10/22/2019
info_outline EP57: Knowing What to Post on Social Media 10/15/2019
info_outline EP56: Instagram Marketing Tips with Brooke Jefferson 10/08/2019
info_outline EP55: Build Your Audience and Your Movement 10/01/2019
info_outline EP54: Embrace the Fear of Becoming a Leader with Tricia Peterson 09/24/2019
info_outline EP53: Increase Your New Recruit Retention 09/17/2019
info_outline EP52: Being a Good Leader When You Don’t Have One to Learn From 09/10/2019
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