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Authentic Influencer Podcast

When it comes to building a business online, we are surrounded with the idea that the only way to be successful is to hustle our way to the top and bug everyone you know. We are on a mission to prove it doesn't have to be that way. Welcome to the Authentic Influencer Podcast where authenticity is king and profit is a side effect. My name is Brooke Elder. With over 20 years experience in direct sales and digital marketing, I've helped thousands of women learned that being an authentic influencer is the key to success. Join me each week as I bring you new ideas of strategies and tips on how to build a purpose-driven business that is authentic to you.

info_outline EP: 110 Building a Business to fund your passions 10/20/2020
info_outline EP: 109 It's all about the Journey, not the destination 10/13/2020
info_outline EP: 108 Creating an Incredible Offer 10/06/2020
info_outline EP: 107 Arrows Out Marketing You are here to Serve 09/29/2020
info_outline Finding Success in Leadership 09/22/2020
info_outline Overcoming the FEAR of Success 09/15/2020
info_outline How to build confidence and visibility through speaking 09/08/2020
info_outline How do build connection and increase your sales 09/01/2020
info_outline Building Belief in Yourself - You can do this! 08/25/2020
info_outline Authenticity is Key to Network Marketing Success 08/18/2020
info_outline Why Duplication ALWAYS Brings Discouragement 08/11/2020
info_outline Entrepreneur Mindset Vs Employee Mindset 08/04/2020
info_outline How to get back in the groove after a break 07/28/2020
info_outline Be You, everyone else is taken 07/21/2020
info_outline Why You Need a Funnel 07/14/2020
info_outline Using Subscriptions to grow your customer base 07/07/2020
info_outline The Secret Sauce to be an Incredible Leader 06/30/2020
info_outline Finding Success in just 6 Weeks 06/23/2020
info_outline Grow Your Influence through Podcasting 06/16/2020
info_outline Business Advise from a 3 Time Gold Medalist 06/09/2020
info_outline EP 90: Using Tik Tok and Facebook ads to Grow your Network Marketing Business 06/02/2020
info_outline EP 89: Mindset Hacks 05/26/2020
info_outline EP 88: Understanding Your True Purpose and Get More Done in the Process 05/19/2020
info_outline EP87: Mistakes when making a List of 100 05/12/2020
info_outline EP86: Mentors are the KEY to Success 05/05/2020
info_outline EP85: Creating a Brand to Grow Your Influence 04/28/2020
info_outline EP84: The Myth of Going for No 04/21/2020
info_outline EP83: Personal Brands Pay Off in 6-Figure Income with Shannel Rivera 04/14/2020
info_outline EP82: Shadow Values and the Things That Are Holding You Back with Tricia Peterson 04/07/2020
info_outline EP81: Authentic Recruiting - Growing Your Team Without the Spam with Krystan Samaniego 03/31/2020