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Awesome Cameras Podcast

Mostly interviews with photographers...

info_outline Brigid Lally is a Photographer from Ventura, CA who takes some amazing Surf Lifestyle photos... I had her on the podcast so I could get a glimpse into what inspired her along the way... - ACP #32 07/11/2017
info_outline William Mark Sommer is a Photographer from Northern California, and has released a fair amount of zines over the past few years. ACP #31 05/13/2017
info_outline Whitney Chamberlin is a very well known wedding photographer, founder of the Smilebooth Photobooth company, and creator of Yeah Field Trip, a summit for creative people who want to grow their business, and connect with like-minded people. - ACP #30 10/12/2016
info_outline Joe Perri returns to tell us about his travels since he was last on. Have a listen to his stories from Cuba, Iceland, and a very special photography class him and I taught together... - ACP #29 09/16/2016
info_outline David Kepner is photographer living in Ojai, CA. We get into him growing up and with a mother who was a photographer, and his journey to becoming a professional photographer himself... 06/06/2016
info_outline Travis Mortz is a film photographer from Northern California, he lives out in the woods, and has a very impressive darkroom. In this podcast we get into why he chooses film photography over digital, how he develops his film(with a Jobo), with few rants 05/25/2016
info_outline John Schell is a Lifestyle Photographer in Los Angeles, CA. We chat about his Journey from teaching high school to being a commercial photographer - ACP #26 05/07/2016
info_outline Lindsey Ross is a Collodion Wet Plate Photographer from Santa Barbara, CA. We chat about her growing up with a darkroom in her basement as a child, and how she got interested in 19th century photographic processes. - ACP#25 03/04/2016
info_outline Connor Dann - A current Brooks Institute Student comes on the podcast today and we talk about being a student at Brooks, Growing up in Ventura, and his journey through the world of film photography - ACP#24 01/21/2016
info_outline John Sargent Barnard of CoolVintageCameras.com comes on the podcast to talk a bit about Film Photography, some Alternative Processes, Polaroid Transfers, and announces a product he's been working on for a while now!! - ACP#23 12/06/2015
info_outline Joe Aguirre and I chat about Film Photography, Lomography, Street Photography, Zines and other fun stuff!! - ACP #22 11/22/2015
info_outline Bobby Do Right (Prokenpek) Comes on the podcast and is my first guest since making the move from Los Angeles, to Ventura, CA. We chat about Digital AND Film Photography Drink some Beers, and do a live Periscope Q&A Session!! - ACP#21 10/12/2015
info_outline Stephen Sutter Joins me to tell of his Journey in Film Photography, his roadtrip across the country, and some 4x5 press cameras. ACP#20 09/01/2015
info_outline Chuck Dong stops by to talk about all things Instax, Photo Field Trip, and even more about Instant Film Photography - ACP#19 08/03/2015
info_outline Jesse Mergenthaler of JMFOTO.CO comes on the show to talk Film Photography, Hockey, and what makes a good photo. ACP#18 07/22/2015
info_outline Sifry Borrayo of Camera Creeps and Polaroid Playaz stops by to chat about Film Photography, The Depop App, and we even develop some film with the New55 R3 Monobath... - ACP #17 07/13/2015
info_outline Carson Lancaster of Find Rangers and Book And Job Gallery Comes on the podcast to talk about How he got into Film Photography, His Gallery and His Zine - ACP#16 06/24/2015
info_outline Eric Bouvet stops by to chat about Film Photography, his view of Street Photography, and too much Camera Gear to list... - ACP #15 06/10/2015
info_outline Denton Camera Exchange Owner Armand Sits down to talk about Collecting Cameras, Film Photography, and starting and owning a camera shop in Denton, TX - ACP #14 05/28/2015
info_outline Garrett Charboneau joins me to chat about his love for film photography, photo zines, develping and darkroom stuff, and even a little 8mm talk... - ACP #13 05/14/2015
info_outline Greg Montano From Dexter's Camera comes on to talk about growing up in a camera shop and his view on the future of Film Photography - ACP #12 05/07/2015
info_outline Interview w/ Samon Rajabnik and his recent venture into Film Photography, Leica Cameras and his Hasselblad XPAN - ACP#11 04/22/2015
info_outline Interview w/ Kingston about Film Photography, Helicopter Rentals, How to get Companies to pay for your personal travel - ACP#10 04/09/2015
info_outline Interview w/ Taylor Gilmore of Long Exposures Podcast comes on the show to chat about Film Photography/Developing film, a little beer and podcast chatter - ACP#9 03/31/2015
info_outline Interview w/ Ben Parks about Film Photography, Vintage Cameras, Medium and Large Format, and TONS of Polaroid - ACP#8 03/19/2015
info_outline Raymond Molinar Stops by to chat about his history in pro skateboarding, Impossible Project 8x10 film, and all things film photography - ACP#7 03/12/2015
info_outline Interview w/ Photographer Bryan Rodner Carr, we chat about Film Photography, Awesome Cameras, and Fiverr - ACP#6 03/05/2015
info_outline Interview w/ Mikey Thompson of LightenUpAndShoot, we chat his start in photography, his site, and his more recent venture into film photography - ACP#5 02/26/2015
info_outline Interview w/ Fashion Photographer Adam Rindy, We chat about Instant Film Photography, Pretty Girls, and Burning Man - ACP#4 02/23/2015
info_outline Interview w/ Gregory Graham Dalton about Film Photography, Polaroid, and Nikonos and other Awesome Cameras - ACP#3 02/19/2015