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5D Channels and Chats with Rachel Chamness

Welcome to 5D Channels & Chats with Rachel Chamness. As a Shamanic Channel & Mentor, I’ll be sharing wisdom and healing from higher dimensions through channeling beings of light. You will also hear chats between intuitives and discussions on higher dimensional healing and channeling. You’ll find links and more in the show notes so be sure to check them. You can find me at soundwavesheal.com and in my Facebook group 5D Daily Spiritual Healers In Higher Dimensions. 😍 Join my FREE Facebook Group, 5D Daily: Spiritual Healers in High Dimensions if you are a Healer, Channel, or Spiritual Entrepreneur who works in Higher Dimensional Realms -- or wishes to! www.facebook.com/groups/5ddaily - I come live every Thursday to talk about podcast related subjects! 🌟 I also invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I also channel and talk about all things 5D. www.youtube.com/@SoundWavesHeal ✨ Interested in Channel Healing & Guidance from Beings of the Light? My Accelerated Channeling Mastery course may be the exact up-level and guidance you need! If this sounds like you, find out more about this life-changing program at https://www.soundwavesheal.com/channel/.

info_outline Episode 32: Multiple Soul Aspects: Channeling St. Germain & Merlin with April Lindevald 07/15/2024
info_outline Episode 31 - Exploring Reiki with Grandmaster Hayashi: Insights & Healing Techniques 06/24/2024
info_outline Episode 30 - Trance Channeling Dr. Mikao Usui on Reiki 06/03/2024
info_outline Episode 29 - Channeling Alparabeam on Greer's CE-5 Contact 05/20/2024
info_outline Episode 28 - TAG Preview: Gwolf Giant Elementals & Sri Yantra Trance Channeled Masterclass 05/06/2024
info_outline Episode 27 - Chat with April Lindevald & Master Merlin 04/22/2024
info_outline Episode 26 - Atlantis Past Lives & Merlin Channel with Lara Starr 's Podcast: Coffee & Conversations 04/08/2024
info_outline Episode 25 - Navigating the 4D Matrix with Gia Trionfo Hooper 03/25/2024
info_outline Episode 24 - Zabayo Answers Q&A about 5D Living & Spaces on Earth, Portals, Bermuda Triangle, Antartica, and more! 03/11/2024
info_outline Episode 23 - Channeling Zabayo, Tales of the Universe - Life in The Fifth Dimension 02/26/2024
info_outline Episode 22 - Black Magic & Dis-Ease with Darius Meibodi— Abuse of 4D Power 02/12/2024
info_outline Episode 21 - Student Spotlight: Michele Trances Chow, a Mantis ET Insectoid 02/05/2024
info_outline Episode 20 - Atlantis Wisdom- Deity & Unicorn Trance Channels, TAG Lightworkers preview 01/29/2024
info_outline Episode 19 - Why Everyone Should Be Reiki Attuned! 01/22/2024
info_outline Episode 18 - 10 Ways You Might Be Psychic 01/15/2024
info_outline Episode 17 - Normalizing Different Ways We Receive Information from Spirit 01/08/2024
info_outline Episode 16 - Trance Channeled Lyran Upgrade Masterclass with Beings from Lyra 01/01/2024
info_outline Episode 15 - Alparabeam Blue Avian Trance Channels Part 2 with Olivia Paige: The Kir Avians 12/25/2023
info_outline Episode 14 - Alparabeam Blue Avian Trance Channels Part 1 with Olivia Paige 12/18/2023
info_outline Episode 13 - Moon Matrix with Steve Nobel - Disconnect from Moon & Planetary Controls 12/11/2023
info_outline Episode 12 - Trance Channeled Alpha Centauri Beings: Discipline of Ease & Sound Healing in Ascension 12/04/2023
info_outline Episode 11 - How is Fear Still Manifesting For You? Chat with Dr. Katie Williams 11/27/2023
info_outline Episode 10 - Why Is Going Back to Family So Difficult - Holiday Edition 11/20/2023
info_outline Episode 9 - Earth Elementals Channeled Messages: FAE Gryphons, Gargoyles, Gremlins 11/13/2023
info_outline Episode 8 - All About Light Language 11/06/2023
info_outline Episode 7 - Water Power & Manifesting Channeled TAG Masterclass 10/30/2023
info_outline Episode 6 - Ascension & Intuition Blocks Chat with Dr. Kate Flynn 10/23/2023
info_outline Episode 5 - Channeling Zabayo, Stories of the Universe 1 10/16/2023
info_outline Episode 4 - Channeled Whale Healing with Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healing 10/09/2023
info_outline Episode 3 - 5D Chat With Claudia Kubata 10/02/2023