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Badass Digital Nomads

The remote work revolution is here, yet very few people, companies, and governments are prepared for it. Badass Digital Nomads aims to change that by helping you leave your conventional job in the past (where it belongs) and thrive in the new remote economy. In this podcast, you’ll learn how you can enjoy more freedom, flexibility, and time by working online. Plus, get the inside scoop on how a virtual nation of self-made founders, freelancers, and former 9-5 employees are innovating in the field of remote work. Professionals of all ages, industries, and backgrounds will find value in the depth and scope of topics such as:  The many ways to transition to a location-independent lifestyle  How to balance work and travel  The best new tech, apps, and services for remote workers  How to find remote jobs or manage remote teams  How to stay productive and healthy while working remotely  How to expand your personal and professional networks when you work from home  How co-living, co-working, and remote work are disrupting industries worldwide  And much more Veteran online entrepreneur, creator, and long-term traveler, Kristin Wilson, brings together a unique roster of guests from all corners of the globe for this new podcast concept. Together, they provide examples, insights, stories, and secrets to help you compete online and achieve your vision of what work-life balance can be in 2019 and beyond. Join us live on YouTube every week to ask questions and interact in real time or catch the replay!

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