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Bedrosian Bookclub Podcast

An audio book club. Our geeks read and discuss new and classic works in the policy field – fictional and non. Social justice, tech, politics, policy … we cover it all and more. Let's think about what is at the heart of being a citizen in America. Sponsored by the USC Bedrosian Center http://bedrosian.usc.edu/ Check out our other podcasts at: http://bedrosian.usc.edu/podcasts/ Recorded at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy http://priceschool.usc.edu

info_outline The Murmur of Bees 06/26/2020
info_outline No Turning Back 05/28/2020
info_outline Republican Party Politics and the American South, 1865-1968 05/19/2020
info_outline Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger 04/27/2020
info_outline Betraying Big Brother 03/30/2020
info_outline Destiny Disrupted 03/04/2020
info_outline A Lot of People Are Saying 02/24/2020
info_outline On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous 01/28/2020
info_outline Trailblazer 01/16/2020
info_outline Children of the Dream 12/09/2019
info_outline The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls 11/25/2019
info_outline 5 Year Retrospective 11/06/2019
info_outline The Devil in Silver 10/28/2019
info_outline By-Right, By-Design 09/30/2019
info_outline The Undercommons 09/30/2019
info_outline Why Cities Lose 09/23/2019
info_outline The Line Becomes a River 08/26/2019
info_outline Career of Evil 07/29/2019
info_outline The Model Thinker 07/17/2019
info_outline Commander in Cheat 06/27/2019
info_outline Whereas 06/19/2019
info_outline Who Fears Death 05/24/2019
info_outline White Fragility 04/26/2019
info_outline State of Resistance 04/05/2019
info_outline An Unkindness of Ghosts 03/21/2019
info_outline Body Horror 02/21/2019
info_outline Antigone 01/28/2019
info_outline The Real Fake: Authenticity and the Production of Space 01/18/2019
info_outline Fear: Trump in the White House 12/19/2018
info_outline Payment by Results and Social Impact Bonds 12/14/2018