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Be Who You Want to Be with Kristen Hewitt

“Be Who You Want To Be” is a new series of conversations with Kristen Hewitt, an Emmy-Award winning South Florida Television Reporter, host, writer, and mom of two. Each episode features a fun and candid discussion with people who are living their best, and most authentic lives. The goal is to learn about their journey, share their message, and inspire others to be who they truly want to be.

info_outline Ep 18: Shannon Watts 05/27/2019
info_outline Ep 17: Michelle Fortin 05/19/2019
info_outline Ep 16: Leon Logothetis 05/14/2019
info_outline Ep 15: Danielle Craig 05/06/2019
info_outline Ep 14: Ben Meisner 04/30/2019
info_outline Ep 13: Kelsy McHenry of Start Loving You 04/23/2019
info_outline Ep 12: How To Get Through the Hard Times 04/15/2019
info_outline EP 11: Sonni Abatta - Living Life Outside The Studio 07/11/2018
info_outline EP 10: Marc & Angel Chernoff - Authors of “Getting Back to Happy” 07/03/2018
info_outline EP 9: Stacey Skrysak - Mother and Illinois News Anchor 06/26/2018
info_outline EP 8: Kristy Dickerson - Author and Entrepreneur 06/17/2018
info_outline Ep 7: Meredith Masony of That’s Inappropriate, More Than Just Funny 06/05/2018
info_outline EP 6: Six Things I Learned From Our Infertility Journey 05/29/2018
info_outline EP 5: Jon Acuff - Bestelling Author of “Finish”, “Start”, and “Do Over” 05/22/2018
info_outline EP 4: Samantha Livingstone - Olympian, Mother of Four on How to Crush Your Inner Critic and more! 05/15/2018
info_outline EP 3: Diana Falzone - Journalist, Television Host, Mom-to-Be 05/08/2018
info_outline Be Bites: Talking Trista Sutter’s TEDx Talk 05/01/2018
info_outline EP 2: Andy Hobson, Mindfulness Teacher, Guided Meditation Publisher, Dad 05/01/2018
info_outline EP 1: Trista Sutter, Beyond The Bachelorette 04/23/2018