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Go Beyond Disruption

Stay ahead of the accounting & finance curve. Weekly insights from AICPA & CIMA's global community help you leverage disruption today to prepare your profession for tomorrow. The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants shares exclusive interviews from finance professionals across the world. They unpick crucial trends in cybersecurity, blockchain, artificial intelligence, data analytics, robotic process automation, human intelligence and organisational transformation. Need more? Take your own skills beyond the disruption point with related CPD/CPE business resources available via our show notes and at GoBeyondDisruption.com.

info_outline "Fix The Weak Language That Holds You Back" with Julie Holunga of Chinook Executive Solutions (Denver, USA) 05/15/2019
info_outline "The Promise of Technology" with David Cieslak, EVP of RKL eSolutions (Simi Valley,USA). 05/08/2019
info_outline "Questions Today's CPAs Need To Ask About Tomorrow's Blockchain" with Kirk Phillips, the 'Bitcoin CPA' (Philadelphia, USA) 05/01/2019
info_outline "The Little Dominoes That Can Topple The Empire State" with Jo-Ann Pohl, Group CFO of Bowmans Law (Johannesburg, South Africa) 04/24/2019
info_outline "Digital Mindsets and Disruptive Tech Trends" with Jim Bourke of WithumSmith+Brown (New York, USA) 04/17/2019
info_outline "Is AI Disrupting Everything?" with Pratish Sharma of TCS (UK) 04/10/2019
info_outline "Cybersecurity: What The C-Suite Needs To Know" with Mike Foster of the Foster Institute (USA) 04/03/2019
info_outline "Adaptive Mindsets" with Gretchen Pisano and Alexis Robin of pLink Leadership (Frederick, USA) 03/29/2019
info_outline "Blockchain For Social Good" with Daisy Ozim, Founder & Director of Resilient Wellness (Oakland, USA) 03/27/2019
info_outline "Fear" with Lindsay Stevenson, CGMA, CPA and Founder/CEO of Origin Evolution LLC (South Dakota, USA) 03/22/2019
info_outline "Wellbeing: Our Selves, Our Roles" with Lauren Baptiste, CEO of Acheloa Wellness (New York, USA). 03/20/2019
info_outline "Mindful Technology" with Amy Vetter, CEO, CGMA, CPA, Yogi and Accounting Technologist (Cincinnati, USA). 03/15/2019
info_outline "Workplace Culture" with Carolyn Swora of Pinnacle Culture (Toronto, Canada). 03/13/2019
info_outline International Women's Day Special "The Future Of The Profession" with Oracle, AICPA & CIMA, and The Changemaker's Playbook. 03/08/2019
info_outline "Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies and Remittances" with Maxine Ryan, COO of BitSpark (Hong Kong, China). 03/06/2019
info_outline "Reinventing You" with Dorie Clark of Duke University (New York, USA) 03/01/2019
info_outline "Tech Trends To Watch" with Areiel Wolanow, MD of Finserv Experts (Bristol, UK) 02/27/2019
info_outline "Performance-Management Nirvana" with Andy Carfax, MD of LucaNet (London, UK) 02/20/2019
info_outline "Adaptive Leadership" with Dr. Jeremy Lurey (Chicago, USA). 02/13/2019
info_outline FRIDAY FOCUS. "How Digital Disruption is Transforming Finance" with Dr. Noel Tagoe (London, UK). 02/08/2019
info_outline "Wellbeing In The Workplace" with Lauren Gasser (London, UK). 02/06/2019
info_outline "More than Just Data-Analytics" with Pieter de Wit of Afrimat Ltd (Cape Town, RSA). 01/30/2019
info_outline "From The Couch To The Corporation" with Sarah Niblock, CEO of UKCP (London, UK) GBD36 01/23/2019
info_outline "Unconscious Bias" with Khalil Smith of the NeuroLeadership Institute (New York, USA). GBD35 01/16/2019
info_outline "Evaluate Before You Integrate" with Mike Whitmire, CFO of Floqast (Los Angeles, USA). GBD34 01/09/2019
info_outline "Building and Getting the Best from your Finance Team" with Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements (UK). GBD33 01/02/2019
info_outline "How Critical Thinking Builds Trust and Business Resilience" with Gillian Lees of AICPA & CIMA (London, UK). GBD32 12/26/2018
info_outline "Unlocking new levels of human and organisational intelligence." with Dr. Alan Watkins of Complete Coherence (UK). GBD31 12/19/2018
info_outline "Humans Need Humans" with Heather Wright of Advance Performance (Preston, UK). GBD30 12/12/2018
info_outline "The Difference is YOU" with Dexter Moscow of Audience Dynamics (London, UK). GBD29 12/05/2018