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The Big Shed Podcast

Voices. Stories. Sounds ... a DIY kinda place, Big Shed as been pumping surprising audio documentary work into the podosphere since 2005.

info_outline The ROYGBIV Diet 05/08/2012
info_outline We Fell Asleep but Our Dreams Were Sweet 11/16/2011
info_outline Losing Her Sex Scene Virginity 06/29/2011
info_outline Only For My King 06/13/2011
info_outline One for the Commandant 03/23/2011
info_outline Cold Concrete Birth by Kelley Libby 12/11/2010
info_outline Celestial Navigation 12/01/2010
info_outline A Sense of Sanity &/or Fear 11/11/2010
info_outline The Soundscapes of Faith 09/21/2010
info_outline May Your Days 10/20/2010
info_outline Deer Diary 10/06/2010
info_outline In 09/22/2010
info_outline Mind Over Stomach Matter 04/28/2010
info_outline Rebel Yell 04/28/2010
info_outline Lillie and Miss Kira 04/28/2010
info_outline Shortwaveology #2 04/15/2010
info_outline Max's Story 09/17/2008
info_outline He Doesn't Know What I Have in My Bag 08/08/2008
info_outline A Jew Grows in Rockland 05/10/2008
info_outline Next Time, in Valhalla 03/31/2008
info_outline Verite Extraordinaires 03/22/2008
info_outline New Hope Valley Railway 11/16/2007
info_outline In the Company of Men 11/01/2007
info_outline Shortwaveology #1 10/19/2007
info_outline Mr. Fur Face 07/21/2007
info_outline Sounds From Ghana 05/11/2007
info_outline The Mantra Trailer 03/22/2007
info_outline Al's First Record 03/06/2007
info_outline The Dead Can't Do You Nothin 02/24/2007
info_outline Ruana 01/31/2007