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Black Girls Eat

Hosted by LA Dunn, this weekly podcast is an open invitation to join her as she navigates plant based nutrition and makes the leap from processed foods to whole foods, super foods and organic foods. With southern roots and Caribbean in-laws, it’s not always easy but you are welcome to the conversation as she chats about all things food from the Impossible Burger to the history of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben.

info_outline When Black People Go to the Doctor... 10/17/2020
info_outline What in the Tofu is Going On? 02/29/2020
info_outline Super Bowl AF 02/01/2020
info_outline You Can Get With This or You Can Get With Black 01/26/2020
info_outline What You Not Gonna Do! 12/20/2019
info_outline Miso Hungry 12/07/2019
info_outline My Kid Says The Darndest Things 11/30/2019
info_outline The Impossible Turkey and other Thanksgiving Antics 11/22/2019
info_outline Going Green While Being Black 11/15/2019
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