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Bliss Bringers - Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast

Podcast dedicated to helping people find their bliss. We talk about swinging, kink, bdsm, ethical non-monogamy, polyamory and everything in between and around. Each week, you can expect to hear about our adventures (and sometimes failures), get the latest naughty news, learn all sorts of other sensual pleasures and alternative lifestyles through interviews with experts, our own personal explorations and musings, and regular reports from the Luscious Lab.

info_outline Confronting Race & Sex with Jet Setting Jasmine 06/29/2020
info_outline 57: Science of Non-Monogamy 03/11/2020
info_outline Puppies Do Folsom 07/01/2018
info_outline Puppy Bites 12/31/2017
info_outline Tantra in Nawlins 10/20/2017
info_outline Andre Shakti does Nawlins 09/10/2017
info_outline 52: Parties & Groupies 06/18/2017
info_outline 51: Just Hanging Out 05/14/2017
info_outline 50: The Puppies visit "The Upper Floor" 04/01/2017
info_outline Spanking new relationships: The scale from swinging to polyamory 01/21/2017
info_outline 48: Puppies and Massages 09/21/2016
info_outline BB043-FFVegas.mp3 06/26/2016
info_outline Bahamas Boat Bedcast 04/04/2016
info_outline SantaCon and the year in review 01/25/2016
info_outline Bawdy Storytelling and the Folsom Slave 12/11/2015
info_outline Blissbringers Audio Promo 10/22/2015
info_outline 42: Vintage BDSM 10/07/2015
info_outline 41: NiN2015: The kinky single guy at the swingers convention 08/28/2015
info_outline 40: Candy's Adventure Time 07/04/2015
info_outline 39: The Hot Tub Time Machine 06/07/2015
info_outline 38: Naughty in Nawlins and on boats 03/29/2015
info_outline 37: 2 Girls, 1 City: Practical polyamory in London 02/23/2015
info_outline 36: Adventures of a Single Male in the Swinging lifestyle 01/10/2015
info_outline 35: Fetish & Fantasy 2: Journey to the Dark Side 12/20/2014
info_outline 34: Kink.com, Folsom Street Faire, adopting a pet 11/22/2014
info_outline 33: How to set up swinger site profiles, with Emily from Kasidie 10/26/2014
info_outline 32: Swinging in the Dust: Burning man 10/04/2014
info_outline 31: We're on a boat, motha frackers! 09/07/2014
info_outline 30: Kama sutra revisited: Lily does India 08/16/2014
info_outline 29: Rope bondage, Kink, Art and kittens with Midori 07/17/2014