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The Ladypreneurs Podcast

Startups can be exhausting and isolating, especially for women entrepreneurs. The Ladypreneur Podcast was started by Chrisella Herzog and Shireen Hosseini as a way to connect with other entrepreneurs and help them build up their businesses.

info_outline What's in a Brand? 03/01/2021
info_outline Planning Your Marketing: Part 3 12/21/2020
info_outline Planning Your Marketing: Part 2 12/14/2020
info_outline Planning Your Marketing: Part 1 12/07/2020
info_outline 5 Marketing Steps in a Tough Economy 08/03/2020
info_outline Episode 17: Building Resiliency as Entrepreneurs, with Julie Cluff 11/25/2019
info_outline A Fresh New Look: Rebranded and Relaunched 10/08/2019
info_outline #15: Paola Belingheri, IceCream Team 11/06/2017
info_outline #14: Johan Juul Jensen, Mobilized Construction 11/06/2017
info_outline #13: Priyanka Bakaya, PK Clean 07/13/2017
info_outline #12: Maxine Turner, Council on Small Business 06/30/2017
info_outline #11: Julie Kantor of TwoMentor 03/31/2017
info_outline Special Feature: Alona Shkrum, MP from Ukraine 03/22/2017
info_outline Special Feature: Jamila Debbech Ksiksi, MP from Tunisia 03/22/2017
info_outline Special Feature: Maja Gasal Vrazalica, MP from Bosnia-Hercegovina 03/22/2017
info_outline Special Feature: Luz Adriana Moreno Marmolejo, Representative from Colombia 03/22/2017
info_outline Special Feature: Sandra Moran, Congresswoman from Guatemala 03/22/2017
info_outline #9: Kristy Sevy and Kyle Muir of FuzePlay 03/10/2017
info_outline #8: Maxine Turner of Cuisine Unlimited 02/15/2017
info_outline #7: Sidney Olinyk and Alicia Sloan of Dūcō 01/26/2017
info_outline #6: Marissa Johnson of Safety Pin Box 01/19/2017
info_outline #5: Cheryl Miller Houser of Generation Startup 01/05/2017
info_outline #4: Allison Lew of Provo City & Braid Workshop 10/26/2016
info_outline #3: Stephanie Stettler of Collective Impact Fund & Womenpreneurs 09/06/2016
info_outline #1: Laura West and Sophia Berman of Trusst Lingerie 08/04/2016
info_outline #2: Soraya M’Rini of Belgibeer 08/04/2016