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Brennan Center Live

Brennan Center Live is a weekly series of podcasts created from Brennan Center events, featuring fascinating conversations with well-known thinkers on issues like democracy, justice, race, and the Constitution. You can subscribe to the Brennan Center Live podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud. Please register here to attend Brennan Center events.

info_outline Lessons From Watergate 11/29/2018
info_outline Van Jones, Darren Walker: How To End Mass Incarceration 11/20/2018
info_outline Carol Anderson: One Person, No Vote 11/03/2018
info_outline Voter Suppression 2018 10/30/2018
info_outline Danielle Allen: Cuz – A Memoir of Mass Incarceration 10/24/2018
info_outline Trumpocracy: A Conversation With David Frum 10/16/2018
info_outline Van Jones in Conversation with Darren Walker 05/14/2018
info_outline The 2020 Census: What's at Stake 05/14/2018
info_outline The Constitution vs. Trumpism: Challenges to the Rule of Law in 2018 05/14/2018
info_outline Revolution Unfinished: Remembering MLK's Vision for a Nation Transformed 04/11/2018
info_outline Decarcerating America: From Mass Punishment to Public Health 04/11/2018
info_outline Policing, Profiling, and Human Rights in the Age of Big Data (DC) 04/10/2018
info_outline Democracy in Danger: Yascha Mounk in Conversation with Wendy Weiser 04/10/2018
info_outline Carnegie Hall Festival on the 1960s: Voting Rights Then and Now 03/13/2018
info_outline The Legacy of Justice Scalia: Rick Hasen in Conversation with Joan Biskupic 03/13/2018
info_outline Corporations and the Constitution: Adam Winkler with Dahlia Lithwick 03/12/2018
info_outline Trumpocracy: David Frum in Conversation with Trevor Morrison 02/26/2018
info_outline Reforming Government Ethics in the Age of Trump 02/05/2018
info_outline Jennifer Weiss-Wolf: Periods Gone Public (DC) 12/06/2017
info_outline Lauren-Brooke Eisen: Inside Private Prisons (DC) 11/30/2017
info_outline Katy Tur on the 2016 Election, the Campaign, and Media 11/28/2017
info_outline One Year Under Trump: Solutions for Restoring Law and Democracy 11/28/2017
info_outline Lauren-Brooke Eisen: Inside Private Prisons 11/28/2017
info_outline Jennifer Weiss-Wolf: Periods Gone Public 11/28/2017
info_outline Ganesh Sitaraman: The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution 10/23/2017
info_outline Extreme Vetting and the Muslim Ban 10/23/2017
info_outline Danielle Allen: Cuz - A Memoir on Mass Incarceration 10/23/2017
info_outline Lessons from Watergate for the Trump Era 10/23/2017
info_outline Latino Leadership in the Age of Trump 10/09/2017
info_outline Daniel Franklin: Technology, Democracy and the World of Tomorrow 10/09/2017