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The Business Uplifted Podcast

The Business Uplifted podcast is a progressive shift in thinking to help you elevate your business and team to new levels. In some respects, it's also a matter of unlearning what we have been taught in business as rules to live by - that has led us down a path of team disengagement and lackluster results. The hosts, Aly and Mandy, share stories of having been raised in their corporate career by Baby Boomers that shaped their views of business- that they now spend their days unlearning. They consider themselves Gen X’ers with the hard outside shell of a Baby Boomer masked in a warm “why can’t we all just get along?” heart of a Millennial, while secretly wondering if they could pull off yoga pants at work like Gen Z. Their unique perspective is sure to spark a shift in thinking and place you on the path to changing the dynamics, operations, and performance of your business or department so that you can create a business UP-lifted!

info_outline #18 - Venting in the workplace. Good or Bad? 06/30/2017
info_outline #17 - When the career you have isn't the one you want 06/19/2017
info_outline #16 - Surviving the crisis when everyone around you is leaving 06/05/2017
info_outline #15 - Catching the emotions of those around you 05/08/2017
info_outline #14 - 3 Rules Managers are Taught that Disengage Our Teams (and what to do instead) 04/24/2017
info_outline #13 - Creating a Simply Irresistible Workplace 04/07/2017
info_outline #12 - The 3 steps to solving any problem with your team 03/27/2017
info_outline #11 - Superhero Syndrome 03/09/2017
info_outline #10 - Leggo the Ego 02/28/2017
info_outline #9 - How to Fall in love with your customer again 01/27/2017
info_outline  #8 - Business Planning: What happens when you don't have the end in mind? 01/12/2017
info_outline  #7 - Dysfunctional Educational Environments 01/04/2017
info_outline #6 - 2017: Be the Change You Want to See 12/21/2016
info_outline #5 - CEO Confessions: Mistakes I Made & Lessons I Learned 12/14/2016
info_outline #4 - How craving "The Carrot" in the workplace wreaks havoc 11/30/2016
info_outline #3 - Hierarchy and its Impact on Organizations 11/15/2016
info_outline #2 - The Accidental Fear-Based Culture 11/15/2016
info_outline #1 - The Beginning 11/15/2016