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Calm Baby RN Podcast

Calm babies are Happy babies. Let us help you get there! We'll talk about everything that has to do with you and your newborn. Episodes will cover lactation and breastfeeding issues, infant sleep strategies, prenatal and postpartum questions and concerns, and much more. Hosted by Calm Baby RN founder, Alisa Underwood, RN, BSN, IBCLC.

info_outline Basic Breastfeeding Supplies 07/02/2015
info_outline Starting off Right - Breastfeeding Early Steps 06/18/2015
info_outline Baby Summer Safety 06/02/2015
info_outline The Multitasking Mind Challenge 05/13/2015
info_outline Understanding how Bonding Works 05/06/2015
info_outline The Truth Behind Breastfeeding Myths 04/22/2015
info_outline New Baby FAQ's 04/15/2015
info_outline Vasoline & Gasoline - Baby Skin Care 04/08/2015
info_outline Having a Calm Baby - Transitioning from the Womb 03/31/2015
info_outline Preparing for a Newborn Who Sleeps! 03/24/2015
info_outline #5: Consultation Case Study 03/17/2015
info_outline #4: My Baby Has Its Days And Nights Confused 03/10/2015
info_outline #3: Mommy Goes Back to Work 03/05/2015
info_outline #2: Newborn Reflexes 03/04/2015
info_outline #1: Cave Mommy 03/03/2015