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Canadian Made Audio Productions Podcast

Podcast By: Canadian Made Audio Productions .Found at http://canadianmade.audio/ on the web. CanadianMade Audio Productions creates audio stories which are published as podcasts about Canadian influences around the world about medicine, arts, industry, literature, entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses and people who make Canadian made products. Our mission is to help Canadians tell stories about their products, art, love, innovations, that are and have influenced people around the world. This is a production of Flatlands Avenue Productions, LLC.

info_outline Eh? No-Way! Well, maybe sometimes? 01/18/2016
info_outline Excuse Me, While I Slip Into Something More Comfortable 01/15/2016
info_outline Fire On the Mountain + Elvis & Kresse 08/03/2015
info_outline Canadian Special Olympics 05/27/2015
info_outline Yoo-Hoo-Will Smith! 05/26/2015
info_outline David Usher's Pink Elephants & Music 03/15/2015
info_outline He's Not A Chinese-Canadian Lesbian! 03/11/2015
info_outline Fashion, Lux Oscar Soirees & Backstage 03/07/2015
info_outline Canadian Thru and Thru 02/09/2015
info_outline Juno Diana Panton 02/09/2015
info_outline Nikki W Slept With Towel 02/05/2015
info_outline Nikki W (Part 3) 02/04/2015
info_outline Soulful Sweet 16-Nikki W 02/04/2015
info_outline Nikki W Shares Her Soul & Her Music (Part 1) 02/04/2015
info_outline David Braid-Pianos are Tools 12/12/2014
info_outline Steve Cornish-Canada's Doctors W-Out Borders 11/18/2014
info_outline Canadian-Made TV Show to Debut in North America on 9/22 09/14/2014