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Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci

Our mission is to promote caregiving where the wants, needs, and desires of both our seniors and their caregivers are respected and addressed. We provide education, resources, and support to make the caregiving journey a rewarding experience. After all, our seniors deserve all the love and care we can give them; no matter who is caring for them, allowing them to live healthier and happier lives!

info_outline Creating your Roadmap for Aging in Health W Dr. Gillian Lockitch | Episode 102 12/15/2023
info_outline Igniting Unstoppable Caregivers W/ Meshelle Baker | Episode 101 11/13/2023
info_outline Strength-Based Dementia Care W/ Judy Cornish | Episode 100 11/03/2023
info_outline Briefcase to Bedside W/ Debbie Compton | Episode 99 10/30/2023
info_outline Caregiver Isolation as a Health Risk W/ Nastran Andersen | Episode 98 10/24/2023
info_outline How Family Caregivers Can Find Joy W/ Dr. Forrest Jones | Episode 97 10/16/2023
info_outline Empowering Health Consumers: Navigating Healthcare with Confidence and Compassion W/ Jennifer Woodruff | Episode 96 10/09/2023
info_outline What is a Geriatric Consultant? What Does a Geriatric Consultant Do? W/ Jodi Kay Benusa | episode 95 10/02/2023
info_outline Fading Memories W/ Jennifer Fink | Episode 94 09/25/2023
info_outline Knowing When It's Time To Consider Alternative Approaches For Living W/ Jodi Kay Benusa | Episode 93 09/18/2023
info_outline Get your Brain and Body Fired Up for Fall 2023! W/ Marc Gaudet | Episode 92 09/11/2023
info_outline Helping You Succeed as a Caregiver W/ Forrest Jones, MD | Episode 91 09/04/2023
info_outline Dynamic Learning/AGE GRACEFULLY® W/ Melissa Bernstein | Episode 89 06/12/2023
info_outline Using the Power of 5 for Better Health, Wellness and Combating the Hazard of Loneliness W/ Dr. David Bernstein | Episode 88 06/05/2023
info_outline Overcome Chronic and Recurrent Pain W/ Rachael Wall | Episode 87 05/29/2023
info_outline Reconnecting in the Food Circle W/ Nancy Lee Bentley | Episode 86 05/15/2023
info_outline OM for Success: Dealing with Stress W Dr. Beverly Lawrence | Episode 85 05/08/2023
info_outline How to Create Adventure When You Feel Safest Alone W/ Cayla Twerdochlib | Episode 84 05/01/2023
info_outline Soul to Cell™ Healing: 7 Secrets to Heal the Body and Emotions W/ Dr. Doug Lehrer | Episode 83 04/24/2023
info_outline Understanding Electromagnetic Fields For Healing W/ Dr. Jeffrey Fannin | Episode 39 05/16/2022
info_outline Compassion in Action When Loss Occurs W/ Barb Ashcroft | Episode 38 05/09/2022
info_outline Cardiovascular Health & Nutrition W/ Samantha Rawlinson | Episode 37 05/02/2022
info_outline Live a Healthy Lifestyle When Addressing Mental Struggles W/ Jason Cronan | Episode 36 04/25/2022
info_outline Behavior Change and Transformation Coaching for Caregivers W/ Sartre Jean-Gilles | Episode 35 04/18/2022
info_outline How to Be a Self-Nourishing Caregiver without Feeling Guilty W/ Dr. Phil Agrios | Episode 34 04/11/2022
info_outline Plant-Based Nutrition W/ Timaree Hagenburger | Episode 33 04/04/2022
info_outline "Thriving as You Age" W/ Health Coach Alexi Bracey | Episode 32 03/30/2022
info_outline Caregiving For a Medically Non-Compliant Loved One W/ Munira Zahabi | Episode 31 03/28/2022
info_outline Use The Tiny Habit Strategy For Sustainable Joy, Peace, and Prosperity W/ Peiming Sun (Sunny) | Episode 30 03/21/2022
info_outline Bone Health to Prevent Osteopenia & Osteoporosis W/ Kevin Ellis | Episode 28 03/07/2022