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Caregiver Cast With Mary Elaine Petrucci

Our mission is to promote caregiving where the wants, needs, and desires of both our seniors and their caregivers are respected and addressed. We provide education, resources, and support to make the caregiving journey a rewarding experience. After all, our seniors deserve all the love and care we can give them; no matter who is caring for them, allowing them to live healthier and happier lives!

info_outline Reconnecting in the Food Circle W/ Nancy Lee Bentley | Episode 86 05/15/2023
info_outline OM for Success: Dealing with Stress W Dr. Beverly Lawrence | Episode 85 05/08/2023
info_outline How to Create Adventure When You Feel Safest Alone W/ Cayla Twerdochlib | Episode 84 05/01/2023
info_outline Soul to Cell™ Healing: 7 Secrets to Heal the Body and Emotions W/ Dr. Doug Lehrer | Episode 83 04/24/2023
info_outline Mother-Daughter Relationship While Caregiving W/ Dr. Janice Hooker-Fortman | Episode 82 04/17/2023
info_outline Echoes Across Time: Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future W/ Jeff Kay | Episode 81 04/10/2023
info_outline Estate Planning Conversations W/ Konni Harrison | Episode 78 04/05/2023
info_outline Honoring and Taking Care of Yourself W/ Tammy Goen | Episode 80 04/03/2023
info_outline There Is More To Self-Care Than Self! W/ Nancy White | Episode 79 03/27/2023
info_outline Maintaining the B.E.S.T. Extended Family Relationships W/ Emmalou Penrod | Episode 77 03/13/2023
info_outline Handling Trauma While Caregiving W/ Jill Reyonolds | Episode 76 03/06/2023
info_outline How To Become a Low Stress Caregiver in a High Stress Caregiver World W/ Dr. Mort Orman | Episode 75 02/27/2023
info_outline Self Care is the New Health Care! w/ Jeff Cade | Episode 73 02/13/2023
info_outline 5 Self-Care Tools to Transform your Caregiving Relationship W/ Michelle Greenwell | Episode 72 02/06/2023
info_outline Blind-Eyed Senior Care W/ Linda Mac Dougall | Episode 71 01/30/2023
info_outline The Profit of Kindness W/ Jill Lublin | Episode 70 01/23/2023
info_outline Relationship Between Diet and Depression W/ JoAnna Johnston | Episode 69 01/16/2023
info_outline Discover Your Community of Support W/ Allison Hammond | Episode 68 01/09/2023
info_outline Physical Detox for Your Body W/ Melissa Deally | Episode 67 01/02/2023
info_outline Next Stage Method for Downsizing Your Home W/ Greg Hollander | Episode 66 12/26/2022
info_outline Rid Yourself of Mental and Physical Clutter W/ Mel Mason | Episode 65 12/19/2022
info_outline Show Up with Healthy, Radiant Skin While Caregiving W/ Sue Coleman | Episode 64 12/12/2022
info_outline Aging Gracefully: Know Who You Are W/Barbara Ellison | Episode 63 12/05/2022
info_outline Dementia Training Courses W/ Alicia Reid | Episode 62 11/28/2022
info_outline Body Code W/ Permelia Parnham | Episode 61 11/21/2022
info_outline "Made To Thrive System" W/ Denise Garrett | Episode 60 11/14/2022
info_outline Ways to Capture Family Stories Starting Today W/ Ruthanne Warnick | Episode 59 11/07/2022
info_outline 5 Steps to Freedom & Happiness for Caregivers W/ Wendy Taddeucci | Episode 58 10/31/2022
info_outline Improving Muscle Performance W/ Kimberly (Kim) Sherwood | Episode 57 10/24/2022
info_outline Build Your Best Life W/ Amy Todisco | Episode 56 10/17/2022