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Case Autopsy: The Settlement and Verdict Podcast

Case Autopsy is part of the family of podcasts brought to you by Lawyer Minds. In this podcast, we explore recent verdicts and settlements from around the country to try and distill down the best techniques for you to apply in your cases.

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info_outline $800k Verdict During the Pandemic w/ Matt Nakajima & Lindsay Lawrence 04/23/2021
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info_outline The Power of a Purpose w/ John Fisher 12/31/2020
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info_outline $10.8 Million Med Mal Verdict During COVID-19 w/ Brendan Lupetin & Greg Unatin 10/15/2020
info_outline Case Autopsy Podcast #2 - Lessons From a Medical Malpractice Trial During COVID-19 w/ Tad Thomas 09/17/2020
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