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Cattle Station Classroom

The Cattle Station Classroom podcast is where we learn about different aspects of the northern Australian beef industry and answer your questions. If there's a topic you'd like to learn about, or a question you want answered, email [email protected] This podcast is brought you by Central Station and hosted by Steph Coombes.

info_outline Bovine brokers (What do Livestock agents actually do?) 11/19/2020
info_outline Copy that! (2 way radio communication) 11/12/2020
info_outline S.O.S PLZ (Personal Locator Beacons) 11/12/2020
info_outline Avoiding daddy issues (The Bullcheck Examination) 11/10/2020
info_outline Reports aren't just for school (The Australian Beef Report) 10/29/2020
info_outline Mind your own business! (The Business Edge) 10/29/2020
info_outline Like a virgin, put with the bull for the very first time (Heifer Management) 09/03/2020
info_outline Shedding the light on dark cutting syndrome (Dark cutting Part 2) 08/28/2020
info_outline What is dark cutting meat? (Hint: it's not cutting meat in the dark!) (Part 1) 08/28/2020
info_outline To P, or not to P (Measuring Phosphorus levels in the diet of cattle) 08/23/2020
info_outline Why does everyone keep talking about P? (Phosphorus) 08/23/2020
info_outline Feed the bugs, not the cow! (Urea supplementation) 08/23/2020
info_outline The spray that makes pain go away (Using Tri-Solfen during castration and dehorning) 08/23/2020
info_outline Pain, pain, go away (An overview of Pain Relief Medication for cattle) 08/23/2020
info_outline Trailer 07/31/2020