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The Chasing Sanity Podcast

The Chasing Sanity Podcast is a long form conversation of cultural dissection, social commentary and mental health/addiction topics all mixed with some randomness of thought hosted by a professional therapist; each show features relevant expert guests and community members.

info_outline Episode 69: The one about Islam 03/31/2020
info_outline Episode 68: The one about Staying Right Sized 03/26/2020
info_outline Episode 67: The one about Attachment and Barriers 03/03/2020
info_outline Episode 66: The one about Anonymity 02/26/2020
info_outline Episode 65: The one about Travel and Politics 02/17/2020
info_outline Episode 64: The one about Scuba 02/10/2020
info_outline #63-The one about Combat 10/03/2019
info_outline #62 The one about Gymnastics 09/19/2019
info_outline #61-The one about Collegiate Recovery 09/02/2019
info_outline #60 Porn & Sex-with Josh Nichols 06/19/2019
info_outline #59 Columbine, Climbing, A Cunning Disease 06/12/2019
info_outline #58 Dandelions-with Sandra Swenson 06/05/2019
info_outline Episode 57: The one about Living Big 04/20/2019
info_outline Episode 56: The one about Being Enough 04/14/2019
info_outline Episode 55: The one about Treatment Culture 04/06/2019
info_outline Episode 54: The one about Nothing and Everything 03/24/2019
info_outline Episode 53: The about Philosophy 03/18/2019
info_outline Episode 52: The one about Overland 03/10/2019
info_outline Episode 51: The one about Grief 03/04/2019
info_outline Episode 49: The one about Race and Culture 02/09/2019
info_outline Episode 48: The one about Women Entrepreneurs 02/03/2019
info_outline Episode 47: The one about Helping the Inmates 01/28/2019
info_outline Episode 46: The one about a Pastor's Journey 01/18/2019
info_outline Moment of Sanity: Time 01/18/2019
info_outline Episode 45: The one about Neurofeedback 01/12/2019
info_outline Episode 44: The one about Fitness 01/05/2019
info_outline Moment of Sanity: Influence 01/03/2019
info_outline Episode 43: The one about the Human Condition 12/29/2018
info_outline Episode 42: The one about Surviving Trauma 12/23/2018
info_outline Episode 41: The one about Being All In 12/15/2018