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CreepGeeks Paranormal and Weird News Podcast

CreepGeeks Podcast is an off-beat podcast exploring the paranormal, cryptid, supernatural, and simply absurd nonsense circulating the web. Broadcasting paranormal news and strange experiences from our underground bunker in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

info_outline Mothman High Energy Banger, WNC Bigfoot Festival, and Sea Gull Alien Spy Flies? 05/26/2022
info_outline Lucid Dreaming, NDE’s , Black Hole Sounds and ShapeShifters? 05/04/2022
info_outline Crazy Paranormal Theories about Paranormal Theories! Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans Continues and NASA’s Alien Invite  04/25/2022
info_outline The God Note, Sonic Frequency Healing? Patreon SneakPeek 04/08/2022
info_outline Episode 241 04/01/2022
info_outline Episode 241 04/01/2022
info_outline Expedition Bigfoot, Secret Societies and where can I join the forces of Evil? 03/25/2022
info_outline Ukraine UFO, New Secret Technology, Ukraine Stamp and Gas Prices? 03/16/2022
info_outline Ghost of Kyiv, Listener Comments, and Time is for Suckers! 03/07/2022
info_outline New Military Technology Causing Increased Paranormal Belief and Conspiratorial Thinking? 02/21/2022
info_outline Unpopular Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures Paranormal Thought, and Quartz Crystals, Nature's Magic? 02/07/2022
info_outline Small Town Monsters KickStarter, Weather and the Paranormal, plus Food Mandela Effects? 01/23/2022
info_outline Haunted Freight Depot Investigation, Sad News, More Unpopular Paranormal Opinions and Vote for us? 01/10/2022
info_outline Marfa Lights, Unpopular Paranormal Opinions and Vote for us? 12/23/2021
info_outline Be a Paranormal Skeptic or Don’t, It’s all a Simulation and we know what your role is. 12/15/2021
info_outline Monster Mart and Aurora Texas UFO Incident. 12/07/2021
info_outline Cryptidcon 2021, Mountain Monsters, Wild Bill's Clock, Old Friends, New Friends, and Paranormal Podcasting 11/29/2021
info_outline New Orleans, and Stuckey's Bridge. 11/16/2021
info_outline Dead Children's Playground, Listener Comments, and Where we’ll be next? 11/03/2021
info_outline We investigate Thomas Divide Overlook, the little known Cherokee Lights and North American Hyena Cryptid? 09/13/2021
info_outline The case for Avi Loeb, Brown Mountain Lights Update, Listener Comments, and what’s next? 08/30/2021
info_outline Are Giant Monsters coming; or an Inner Earth Alien battle? You decide.  08/20/2021
info_outline On the Trail of UFOs Dark Sky, Lost Artifacts, and upcoming events? 08/09/2021
info_outline  Bigfoot Sightings, USO’s , Drone Warfare, and UFO Capital? 07/27/2021
info_outline UFO Report Release, It’s not a Tuna, Bigfoot 06/29/2021
info_outline Haint Blue, UFO Tracking, Mermaids and Birthdays! 06/20/2021
info_outline Feral Humans, Missing 411 and UAP’s yes, UFO’s No. 06/07/2021
info_outline UFO’s, Pentagon UFO, Barack Obama, USS Omaha UFO and are these modern FooFighters? 05/21/2021
info_outline Cicada Update, Demi Lovato UFO Investigator and Celebrity Believers? 05/14/2021
info_outline Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum, Littleton NC and Medoc Mountain, and the Oz Factor! 05/07/2021