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.Com Strategies Podcast

Welcome to the .Com Strategies podcast Where you will learn key insights into valuing, marketing and negotiating domain names.

info_outline My momentum... 07/01/2022
info_outline Negotiating offers. 06/29/2022
info_outline Why are you surprised? 06/27/2022
info_outline You will have a branding problem... 06/24/2022
info_outline Keep your eye on the prize... 06/17/2022
info_outline $2M for this domain name.. 06/09/2022
info_outline Do the plan... 06/08/2022
info_outline $45k for breakfast.. 06/07/2022
info_outline My thoughts on selling... 06/06/2022
info_outline 10,000 ROI 06/03/2022
info_outline Fake offers and market demand. 06/02/2022
info_outline Two tools with two different results.... 05/30/2022
info_outline Are you the right contact? 05/27/2022
info_outline Would you even know? 05/25/2022
info_outline Price discovery... 05/18/2022
info_outline Back in the saddle.. 05/17/2022
info_outline What is you asset producing? 05/06/2022
info_outline Her name is Happy... 05/04/2022
info_outline Not a single place to rent in the county? 05/03/2022
info_outline Nine million dollars... 05/02/2022
info_outline Is it vanity or strategy? 04/29/2022
info_outline The prices are crazy and only going up. 04/26/2022
info_outline The NEW tire is leaking. 04/25/2022
info_outline Tracking results... 04/22/2022
info_outline Off the market forever... 04/21/2022
info_outline The propane tank is on zero... 04/20/2022
info_outline Am I getting ripped off? 04/19/2022
info_outline What is the price? 04/18/2022
info_outline Missed by a day 04/11/2022
info_outline The tale of two emails.. 04/05/2022