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.Com Strategies Podcast

Welcome to the .Com Strategies podcast Where you will learn key insights into valuing, marketing and negotiating domain names.

info_outline World view check in.... 04/28/2021
info_outline Little changes.... 04/27/2021
info_outline What just happened... 04/19/2021
info_outline Off the market forever... 04/15/2021
info_outline Frame control 04/13/2021
info_outline $5k for that bike. 04/12/2021
info_outline Is that all you want to spend? 04/08/2021
info_outline All about the brand 04/07/2021
info_outline Wrong buyer... 03/29/2021
info_outline Finally bought a dirt bike.. 03/25/2021
info_outline We are going trying to get funding.... 03/24/2021
info_outline The chips are stale... 03/19/2021
info_outline Opportunities everywhere... 03/17/2021
info_outline Lessons from undercover billionaire 03/16/2021
info_outline Timing is everything. 03/15/2021
info_outline I don't need the money. 03/12/2021
info_outline what is the ROI... 03/11/2021
info_outline I am committed to this road... 03/10/2021
info_outline Domain extensions 03/08/2021
info_outline negotiation style 03/05/2021
info_outline I just spent $900 on this... 03/04/2021
info_outline Normalcy bias. 03/03/2021
info_outline The journey of a brand. 03/02/2021
info_outline My thoughts on starting out. 03/01/2021
info_outline Clubhouse.... 02/25/2021
info_outline Negotiating styles 02/24/2021
info_outline What do you want? 02/23/2021
info_outline Timing and opportunity... 02/22/2021
info_outline The story of Octopus.com 02/19/2021
info_outline Stop talking about domains and do this... 02/18/2021