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I Am Citizen Abels

"I Am Citizen Abels" is an Internet radio show starring David Abels and a cast of characters that includes celebrities from the past like Mahatma Ghandi and Dr. Ruth, as well as contemporary favorites like Kim Kardashian, the Velvet Underground, and Jerry Garcia. "The Citizen," as our undaunted star is called by fans, foes, and friends alike, but not by his assorted ex-girlfriends, is carried by streaming/radio services around the world, including iTunes, apps available via iTunes, and apps available via Google Play. Don't doubt the truth that comes out of The Citizen's mouth. You might agree. You might laugh. You might ponder. Well, actually, it's all of the above. Catch "I Am Citizen Abels" today, and don't forget to change your underwear before the show goes on.

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info_outline The Citizen Calls His Old Friend Gary In New York 06/28/2017
info_outline Dr. Beatrice Chestnut Talks About The Origins Of The Enneagram Personality System 06/28/2017
info_outline Sean Haugh, U.S. Senatorial Candidate, Weighs In On Hillary Clinton And James Comey 06/28/2017
info_outline The Kind Of Porn Nina Hartley And Her Husband Prefer 06/27/2017
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info_outline Former Pastor Larry D. "Reid" Talks About His Departure From Traditional Church Culture 06/27/2017
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info_outline Julius Jewbird Comes To The Studio To Ask About Shvartzes 06/12/2017
info_outline Two Fathers Talk Autism, with Guy Shahar, Father & Autism Advocate 06/12/2017
info_outline Dr. Bea Does The Enneagram, with Dr. Beatrice Chestnut, Psychotherapist & Coach 06/10/2017
info_outline Pelvis Leslie Wants To Be On The Citizen's Show 06/07/2017
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info_outline General F.U. Adcock Knows An African When He Sees One 06/02/2017
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info_outline Blackbird’s Baby Mama, Booty Bird, Joins The Fun 06/01/2017