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Laws of Notion

Science was revolutionized by Newton’s laws of motion. But how can we revolutionize our ideas? Laws of Notion is a podcast by the Institute for Science & Policy at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, where we push against our preconceived beliefs and think critically about the world around us. Each season, we’ll tell a story about an issue facing a community, where there are no easy answers. We’ll explore the interconnections between science, policy, and our human nature. To learn more about the podcast check out lawsofnotion.org. Season 1: Coal at Sunset: A Colorado Town in Transition Season 2: Water, Under Pressure: The Uncertain Future of Colorado’s Most Valuable Resource Season 3: Clearing the Air: The Hazy Future of Our Skies

info_outline Clearing the Air BONUS: The Right to Breathe 05/15/2024
info_outline Clearing The Air BONUS: Dry Air 02/08/2024
info_outline Clearing the Air: Steps Forward (S3 Ep8) 11/15/2023
info_outline Clearing the Air: A New Wave (S3 Ep7) 11/08/2023
info_outline Clearing the Air: Harnessing Energy and Numbers (S3 Ep6) 11/01/2023
info_outline Clearing the Air: Driving Behavior (S3 Ep5) 10/25/2023
info_outline Clearing The Air: The Road to Change (S3 Ep4) 10/18/2023
info_outline Clearing the Air: The Heart of a Debate (S3 Ep3) 10/11/2023
info_outline Clearing The Air: Clean Up Your Act (S3 Ep2) 10/04/2023
info_outline Clearing The Air: Something in the Air (S3 Ep1) 09/27/2023
info_outline Clearing the Air: Trailer 09/22/2023
info_outline Coal at Sunset EPILOGUE: Craig at a Crossroads (S1 Pt.2) 08/27/2023
info_outline Coal at Sunset EPILOGUE: Two Years Later (S1 Pt.1) 08/04/2023
info_outline Water Under Pressure BONUS: The Future of Agriculture 05/01/2023
info_outline Water Under Pressure BONUS: The Colorado Water Plan 03/29/2023
info_outline Water Under Pressure BONUS: Power and Speculation 02/24/2023
info_outline Further Listening: Is Denver Hoarding Water? (via City Cast Denver) 12/21/2022
info_outline Water Under Pressure: Searching for Solutions (S2 Ep5) 12/14/2022
info_outline Water Under Pressure: Growing Demand (S2 Ep 4) 12/07/2022
info_outline Water Under Pressure: Finding Balance (S2 Ep 3) 11/30/2022
info_outline Water, Under Pressure: A Right (S2 Ep2) 11/23/2022
info_outline Water, Under Pressure: Liquid Gold (S2 Ep1) 11/16/2022
info_outline Water, Under Pressure: Trailer 11/11/2022
info_outline Premiering Laws of Notion 11/08/2022
info_outline Coal at Sunset BONUS: Energy Markets & More w/ Duane Highley (President & CEO, Tri-State) 01/19/2022
info_outline Coal at Sunset BONUS: An Energy Transition Conversation with Alice Jackson (Xcel Energy Colorado) 01/03/2022
info_outline Coal at Sunset: 2030 (S1 Ep8) 12/27/2021
info_outline Coal at Sunset: The Center of the Universe (S1 Ep7) 12/20/2021
info_outline Coal at Sunset: Those Still to Come (S1 Ep6) 12/13/2021
info_outline Coal at Sunset: No More Ghost Towns (S1 Ep5) 12/06/2021