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Coffee With Kenobi: Star Wars Discussion, Analysis, and Rhetoric

Star Wars discussion, analysis, and rhetoric from a place of intelligence and humor. Coffee With Kenobi is the podcast you're looking for!

info_outline Comics With Kenobi #36 11/07/2017
info_outline Rebels Reactions: "The Occupation" and "Flight Of The Defender" 11/06/2017
info_outline CWK Show #95: "Are there porg diapers?", with Christian Blauvelt and Matt Moore (190) 11/02/2017
info_outline Lattes with Leia Show #22: Snacking on Star Wars 10/31/2017
info_outline Rebels Reactions: "In The Name Of The Rebellion" Parts 1 and 2 10/27/2017
info_outline CWK Show # 94: "I wanted to see Saw", with Bethany Blanton and Tom Gross (189) 10/26/2017
info_outline Rebels Reactions: "Heroes of Mandalore" 10/21/2017
info_outline CWK Show #93: "We've got a title!", with Lisa Dullard and Zak Kalina (188) 10/20/2017
info_outline CWK Show #92: "Why does a vacuum cleaner need Wi-Fi?", with Marcus Dohring and Kristin Baver (187) 10/12/2017
info_outline CWK Show #91: The Last Jedi Trailer Analysis (186) 10/11/2017
info_outline Legends Library: Death Star 10/10/2017
info_outline Comics With Kenobi #35.1: Young Padawans Edition 10/09/2017
info_outline CWK Show #90: Star Wars Reads Day 2017 LIVE (185) 10/09/2017
info_outline CWK Show #89: "Yoda, or yogurt", with Sarah Woloski and Jared Cantor (184) 10/05/2017
info_outline Comics With Kenobi #35 10/03/2017
info_outline CWK Show #88: "Another great excuse to go out and get cereal", with Jeff McGee and Garr Van Orden (183) 09/28/2017
info_outline Lattes with Leia Show #21: Being a Force of Destiny 09/26/2017
info_outline CWK Show #87: "So, this is for vampires?", with Melinda Wolf and Amy Wishman Nalan (182) 09/21/2017
info_outline Legends Library: New Jedi Order Part 7 09/19/2017
info_outline CWK Show #86: "In J. J. we trust", with Richard Woloski and Mark Sutter (181) 09/14/2017
info_outline CWK Show #85: "Even if it's Barney, the dinosaur, that directs the film", with Scott Murray and Tom Gross (180) 09/07/2017
info_outline Comics With Kenobi #34 09/05/2017
info_outline CWK Show #84: Force Friday II (180) 09/01/2017
info_outline CWK Show #83: "I've got a bag of BB-8 oranges", with Brian Karasek and Eric Strothers (179) 08/31/2017
info_outline Lattes with Leia Show #20: Inferno Squad Fever 08/30/2017
info_outline CWK Show #82: "The gorilla walker has a Fu Manchu", with Brian Jay Jones and Bobby Roberts (178) 08/24/2017
info_outline CWK Show #81: "Trying to get my porg on", with Mark Newbold and Mike Rondeau (177) 08/17/2017
info_outline Legends Library: New Jedi Order Part 6 08/14/2017
info_outline CWK Show #80: "That's porg-a-rific", with James Burns and Ryan Kidd (176) 08/10/2017
info_outline CWK Show #79: "I guess what I'm trying to say is, porg", with Steele Saunders and Jeff McGee (175) 08/03/2017