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Comics Manifest

Creating a comic is a story in and of itself, a tale that tracks a unique pathway through a world of information, influence, discovery, and epiphany. A world of comics, a vast, craggy mountain range that reaches farther than the eye can see. The range holds sleeping treasures, waiting for you to bring them into the light. Let's mine it! Hosted by Aaron Williams. Interviews, analysis, discovery, and study of the world of comics and the people who create them. New episodes every Tuesday. (season 2 starts on July 7, 2020)

info_outline 122: Draw As Much As You Can with Joelle Jones 12/20/2017
info_outline 121: Follow Your Fear with Sam Bosma 12/15/2017
info_outline 120: Bring the Thunder 12/08/2017
info_outline 119: Step by Step with Bruce Blitz 12/06/2017
info_outline 118: Training Your Genius with Michael Dante DiMartino 12/04/2017
info_outline 103 (Rebroadcast): The Tune of Your Dreams with Derek Kirk Kim 12/02/2017
info_outline 073 (Rebroadcast): One Year Can Make A Difference with Kelly Fitzpatrick 11/30/2017
info_outline 092 (Rebroadcast): Create Your Story First with Kyle Latino 11/28/2017
info_outline An Announcement From Comics Manifest 11/28/2017
info_outline 117: Make Sure You Really Love It with Rich Tommaso 10/26/2017
info_outline 116: May All Your Dreams But One Come True with Sean Izaakse 10/23/2017
info_outline 115: Going Back To Yourself with Aya Kakeda 10/16/2017
info_outline 114: The Value of Your Work Is Not Equal to The Value of Yourself with Natalia Batista 09/20/2017
info_outline 113: Acting On A Dream with Vito Delsante 09/09/2017
info_outline 112: Shouldering the Weight of Your Projects with Jessica Abel 09/04/2017
info_outline 111: Cultivating Luck with Kevin Eastman 08/19/2017
info_outline 110: Do You Believe in Magic with J.M. DeMatteis 07/26/2017
info_outline 109: Comics Manifest Year One 07/22/2017
info_outline 108: Cut Out Expectation with Simon Roy 07/19/2017
info_outline 107: Prepping Today For The Opportunities of Tomorrow with James Wright 06/28/2017
info_outline 106: The Quest to Pursue What Confuses You with Joe Daly 06/23/2017
info_outline 105: The Healthy Obsession with Dave Chisholm 05/17/2017
info_outline 104: Make It Nice with Lara Antal and Dave Kelly 05/12/2017
info_outline 103: The Tune of Your Dreams with Derek Kirk Kim 05/04/2017
info_outline 102: Don't Be Afraid of Doing What You Want To Do with Charles Glaubitz 05/01/2017
info_outline 101: You Can Go Your Own Way with Brianne Drouhard 04/26/2017
info_outline 100: Don't Be Afraid To Show Up To Your Own Party with Dean Haspiel 04/21/2017
info_outline 099: Just Make It Because You Love It with Sara Varon 04/19/2017
info_outline 098: Identity and True Grit with Andres Vera Martinez 04/17/2017
info_outline 097: Finding Inspiration From Within with Robin Ha 04/11/2017