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Commander Sphere

Commander Sphere is a weekly podcast about Magic: The Gathering's commander format hosted by Rachel Weeks and Dan Sheehan.

info_outline Then & Now: Commander Sphere's Philosophy Retrospective 12/04/2022
info_outline Some Big News 12/01/2022
info_outline Commander Sphere's Third Anniversary Thanktacular 11/28/2022
info_outline Burn It All Down: The Case For Taking Apart Your Decks - A Commander Sphere Audio Essay 11/24/2022
info_outline Who Dies First? Players To Kill 11/20/2022
info_outline Best BROs: A Brothers' War Set Review 11/13/2022
info_outline The Roles of the Rules Committee 11/06/2022
info_outline The Commander Sphere Halloween Spooktacular 10/30/2022
info_outline How To Build Illegal Decks 10/09/2022
info_outline One Hour Of EDH Would You Rathers 10/02/2022
info_outline So, You're The Threat 09/25/2022
info_outline Identity Crisis: Grixis 09/18/2022
info_outline Our Favorite Dominaria: United Commanders! 09/11/2022
info_outline An Idiom's Guide To Card Design (Random Card Generator Returns!) 09/05/2022
info_outline The 2023 Set Forecast 08/29/2022
info_outline Identity Crisis: Naya 08/22/2022
info_outline The Squeepisode 08/17/2022
info_outline Summer Set Crisis: The Battle For The Battle For Baldur's Gate 08/08/2022
info_outline A Brides Choice (Featuring Julia) 07/25/2022
info_outline Identity Crisis: Esper 07/16/2022
info_outline The Study of Magic with Rhystic Studies 07/09/2022
info_outline Return To The Mailbag! 06/27/2022
info_outline A Gift For Father: The Commander Sphere Father's Day Special 06/20/2022
info_outline The 1st Annual Ass-Kicktacular 06/13/2022
info_outline Let's Talk About Baldur's Gate 06/05/2022
info_outline Identity Crisis: Jund 05/28/2022
info_outline So You Want To Make Content 05/22/2022
info_outline The Goal Of The Ban List 05/15/2022
info_outline Identity Crisis: Boros 05/12/2022
info_outline Into The Mail Bag! Part 1 05/01/2022