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Common Censored

With Lee Camp and Eleanor Goldfield. Censored stories, sensible solutions and common ground movements to fight and build. And sometimes other stuff too. leecamp.com artkillingapathy.com

info_outline Episode 246 - Ten Things They Won't Tell You About Mass Shooters, #FreeAssangeNOW 02/21/2024
info_outline Episode 245 - More Lies About October 7th Revealed, Open Season on the Homeless, Silenced for Speaking on Gaza, 02/12/2024
info_outline Episode 244 - The Secret $1.5 Trillion Nuclear Program, Slave Labor: It's What's For Dinner, Surveillance Like You've Never Seen it Before! 02/05/2024
info_outline Episode 243 - What Can The World Court Do Now, UK Plots Against Journalist, American Gas Chambers 01/29/2024
info_outline Episode 242 - US Admits It Aims to Suppress Democracy, Rent Is Killing Us, Rest in Power Klee Benally 01/08/2024
info_outline Episode 241 - How US Media Laid the Groundwork for Israel's Onslaught, Thoughtcrimes Against Apartheid, Get Them Kids Back To Work! 12/20/2023
info_outline Episode 240 - Why Go After Poets, Neoliberalism The Long Road to Fascism, And YOU Get a Grenade Launcher! 12/11/2023
info_outline Episode 239 - Inside and Under the Hospital, Calls for a Ceasefire Continue, War Pigs Making Bank 11/27/2023
info_outline Episode 238 - State Department Fumbles Over Zionist Illogic, Connecting Struggles From Atlanta to Gaza 11/13/2023
info_outline Episode 237 - Zelensky's Inner Circle Admits It's Over, Unprecedented Secret Weapon Deals 11/06/2023
info_outline Episode 236 - Europe Makes Solidarity With The Oppressed Illegal, Should We Call It A Genocide? 10/30/2023
info_outline Episode 235 - The US War on Peace, Most Zionists Are Christian 10/23/2023
info_outline Episode 234 - Why These Two Jews Support Palestine 10/16/2023
info_outline Episode 233 - Walls Don't Work So Let's Build One, US Invading Haiti, Why Drag Shows Are Dangerous 10/11/2023
info_outline Episode 232 - Lee Camp Attacked For Being Anti-War, Democrats and Republicans Reach Across Aisle To Punch The Unhoused 10/02/2023
info_outline Episode 231 - West Virginia's Chernobyl, A Tale of Two UN Speeches, World's 5th Largest Economy Sues Big Oil 09/25/2023
info_outline Episode 230 - Striking Strategies, Block Cop City, Google Nimbus Apartheid, Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse 09/18/2023
info_outline Episode 229 - A Bird, A Plane? No! It's A Cop Drone In Your Backyard! 09/05/2023
info_outline Episode 228 - The Remarkable and Avoidable Failures of Maui Officials, A Salamander Stole Your Vote, and I Got Chased by a Bear 08/28/2023
info_outline Episode 227 - Cops Stole Your DNA, Justice Department Confirms There's No Right To Livable Climate 08/21/2023
info_outline Episode 226 - What's Driving Maui Fires, Forcing a Pipeline Through a US Rainforest 08/14/2023
info_outline Episode 225 - Schools Crumbling, Millions of Kids in Poverty & The Pentagon Needs Money for Whiteboards! 08/07/2023
info_outline Episode 224 - Child Labor Laws Are So Last Century, How a News Outlet Staged a Coup 07/31/2023
info_outline Episode 223 - Weaponizing Climate Change, What A Year Without Reproductive Health Looks Like 07/25/2023
info_outline Episode 222 - Sweden Joins Death Cult, This Action is The Sh*t (literally), Beach Access is a Class War 07/17/2023
info_outline Episode 221 - A Cluster F**k of War Crimes, and A Common Place for Radioactive Waste Dumping 07/10/2023
info_outline Episode 220 - What You Don't Know About Affirmative Action, What Keeps Billionaires Awake at Night, Fight For Your Right to..Sit? 07/02/2023
info_outline Episode 219 - This is What Fascism Looks Like, The Geography of Tragedy 06/26/2023
info_outline Episode 218 - A Green Light For The Biggest Strike in US History, Empire's Grip Slipping in the Middle East, Indigenous Rights Upheld, 06/18/2023
info_outline Episode 217 - Guilty of Journalism, Debt Deal Disasters, and That Picture Is Lying To You 06/04/2023