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Compass Opioid Stewardship Expert Spotlight

The Compass Opioid Stewardship Program aims to combat the opioid epidemic through education. The program aims to accomplish the following goals: 1. Educate and provide outreach to outlier prescribers of opioids about best practices for prescribing opioids 2. Educate and provide outreach to outlier prescribers of opioids about non-opioid pain management therapies 3. Reduce the amount of opioid prescriptions prescribed by eligible prescribers

info_outline Opioids, Health Disparities and COVID-19: An Interview with Dr. Andrew Herring and Charles Hawthorne 05/09/2022
info_outline NIDA Policy Issues: An Interview with Dr. Emily Einstein 03/21/2022
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info_outline A Patient and Bioethicist Perspective on the Medical System's Role and Responsibilities in the Opioid Crisis: An Interview with Dr. Travis N. Rieder, PhD 10/27/2021
info_outline Recognition and Management of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD): An Interview with Dr. Corey Waller 09/09/2021
info_outline Pain Psychology: An Interview with Dr. Heather Poupore-King 08/09/2021
info_outline Opioid Tapering: An Interview with Dr. Anna Lembke 07/09/2021
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info_outline Opioid MedMal and Litigation Risks: An Interview with Mr. Harry Nelson 07/02/2021
info_outline How Did We Get Here? An Interview with Dr. Andrew Kolodny 07/02/2021