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Connectfulness Practice

Every month relationship therapist, Rebecca Wong, LCSW, invites a fabulous, big-thinking guest to talk about what it means to be human together. We’ll have deep conversations about the big stuff — life, love, and legacy — and how you can foster connection for yourself and with yourself. Let’s start to reconnect the world, one conversation at a time.

info_outline Secure Relationships with Dr. Rebecca Jorgenson 02/14/2020
info_outline Journey To Discover The Self with Jan Bergstrom, LMHC 01/20/2020
info_outline Peeling Back the Layers of Multicultural Competence with Sonya Lott, PhD 12/18/2019
info_outline Unraveling The Survival Knot, Part 2 with Hedy Schleifer 11/18/2019
info_outline Unraveling The Survival Knot, Part 1 with Hedy Schleifer 10/18/2019
info_outline Riding The Feminine Current with Maya Luna 09/16/2019
info_outline Mending Racialized Trauma: A Body Centered Approach with Resmaa Menakem 08/09/2019
info_outline Contemplating Life Through Grief with John Eric Baugher, PhD 07/19/2019
info_outline Becoming Parents: A Roundtable Discussion with Elly Taylor and Barb Buckner Suárez 06/12/2019
info_outline Inherited Family Trauma with Mark Wolynn 05/14/2019
info_outline Why Are Relationships Difficult? with Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT 04/18/2019
info_outline Pleasure and the Body's Wisdom with Cyndi Darnell 03/13/2019
info_outline Parenting and Reckoning with Your Identity with Mercedes Samudio, LCSW 02/13/2019
info_outline Erotic Simmering and Lasting Love with Stephen Snyder MD 02/12/2019
info_outline Buddhist Wisdom for Relationship Discomfort with Susan Piver 02/11/2019
info_outline Welcome. Start Here. 02/11/2019