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Consummate Athlete Podcast

Author Molly Hurford and Endurance Coach Peter Glassford bring you the Consummate Athlete Podcast. We interview people who embrace multiple sports to lead adventure-filled lives and answer listener questions about training and health.

info_outline Zone 2 Endurance During Pregnancy 05/21/2022
info_outline OCR, Iditarod, Eco-Challenge & Pullups - Ryan Atkins 05/17/2022
info_outline Cramping in Races 05/14/2022
info_outline Running on Veggies - Lottie Bildirici 05/10/2022
info_outline Race if You Are Going to Race 05/06/2022
info_outline Finding Community in New Sports - Verena Pelletier 05/03/2022
info_outline Spring Cleaning Your Cycling Equipment 04/29/2022
info_outline No Winter Maintenance - Bike Packing - Matt Kadey 04/26/2022
info_outline What to Do When You Can't Do Your Workout 04/23/2022
info_outline Starting Mountain Biking - Kristen Bonkoski 04/19/2022
info_outline How to Feel Less Nervous About Early Races. 04/15/2022
info_outline Gravel Racing & Dachshunds - Alexey Vermeulen 04/12/2022
info_outline When to Walk Your Bike in Offroad Races 04/08/2022
info_outline Hyper-Processed Foods, Plant Based & High-Cal Bottles - Nigel Mitchell 04/05/2022
info_outline Warming up for Mountain Biking 04/01/2022
info_outline MTB & Gravel Tires, Inserts & Plugs - Geoff Kabush 03/29/2022
info_outline Fueling Ultra - What and How to Carry race nutrition 03/25/2022
info_outline Purpose Over Goals - Matt Dixon 03/22/2022
info_outline Returning to Training After Illness 03/18/2022
info_outline Girls Gone Gravel - Kathryn Taylor & Kristi Mohn 03/15/2022
info_outline Cycling for Running - Training for two sports 03/11/2022
info_outline Elite Performance Science for Everybody - Gary McCoy 03/08/2022
info_outline Migraines and Cycling - Jess McWhirt 03/04/2022
info_outline Power To Weight 03/01/2022
info_outline Training Through Upper Body Injury 02/25/2022
info_outline Boxing, Power-Meters w. All-day Everyday Athlete Erin Eastick 02/22/2022
info_outline Outlaw 100 Mile Trail Race Debrief w. Molly Hurford 02/18/2022
info_outline Night Shift - A Doctor's Personal Journey - Jim Slauson 02/15/2022
info_outline Adventure Cycling with Cartoonist - Tegan Phillips 02/08/2022
info_outline Cyclocross Worlds, Off-Season Training & Zones 02/01/2022