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Counting Countries

With a membership of only around 100, it’s one of the most exclusive clubs on Earth. In fact, more people have been to outer space than have earned their way into this, the ultimate travel club. According to the United Nations there are 193 sovereign nations in the world. Welcome to the only podcast to bring you the stories from the dedicated few who’ve spent their lives on the singular quest of traveling to them all. Welcome, to Counting Countries. With your host, Ric Gazarian.

info_outline Counting Countries - Special Announcement 10/13/2021
info_outline Ted Nims … Hanging With Alferd Packer 08/12/2021
info_outline Ben Dowson … Nicking Sheeps 06/10/2021
info_outline Nick Butter … Don’t Wait For A Diagnosis 04/08/2021
info_outline Gina Morello … No Roof On Your Dreams 02/11/2021
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info_outline Jack Goldstein…Itching To Cross Borders 11/12/2020
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info_outline Chris Sutherland…Striking Out On His Own 07/09/2020
info_outline Joss Stone…Performing In Every Country In The World 06/11/2020
info_outline Francis Tapon … Traveled Africa With Three Thousand Friends 05/14/2020
info_outline Melissa Roy…Dreams From Her Father 04/09/2020
info_outline Lorenzo Riccardi…Marrying Economics And Travel 03/12/2020
info_outline Slawek Muturi…A Neighbor Of The World 02/13/2020
info_outline Stefan Krasowski and Jakob Oster … Return Again 01/09/2020
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info_outline Adam Hickman … striving to travel to every country before he turns 40 05/09/2019
info_outline Felix Mechnig-Giordano … flirting with disaster in Syria 04/11/2019
info_outline Thor Pedersen … left home in October of 2013 to travel the world without taking any flights 03/07/2019
info_outline Sascha Grabow … avoiding watermelons on the road 02/07/2019
info_outline Petro Marais … and the slow boat to Laos 01/10/2019