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Couples Synergy: Real Couples, Real Stories...Real Relationships

A podcast about love, marriage & relationships: Couples Synergy with couples therapy and relationships experts, Dr Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian, features interviews with real couples about their marriage and relationships and offers insights on how to create a healthy and happy relationship. Having conducted marriage counseling, couples therapy and relationship coaching for over 25 years with thousands of couples, Dr. Ray and Jean offer their relationship advice in addition to interviewing couples, and over the course of their podcast cover topics such as, communication, sex, conflict, divorce, adoption, infertility, miscarriage, pornography, infidelity, anxiety, depression, blended families, dating, remarriage, intimacy, addiction, codependency, social media, parenting, PTSD and much more!

info_outline 317: Codependency & The Nice Guy Syndrome - feat. author Dr. Robert Glover 07/09/2024
info_outline 316: Through Sickness, A Wife’s Story of Care & Strength - Sarah & Ben 07/02/2024
info_outline 315: The Need to Always Be Right - The Path to Isolation 06/25/2024
info_outline 314: Inspiring the Peaceful Warrior Within Us - feat. renowned author, Dan Millman 06/18/2024
info_outline 313: How Can I Benefit From Personal & Spiritual Development? 06/12/2024
info_outline 312: I Kept My Sexual Abuse a Secret Until Now - Seth & Autumn 06/04/2024
info_outline 311: A Family Values Mindset - Gino & Julia 05/20/2024
info_outline 310: After 60 Years Together, You Have To Be Able To Laugh At Yourself - Al & Darlene 05/14/2024
info_outline 309: Help! I'm Married and Miserable: Where Did the Fun Go? 05/06/2024
info_outline 308: How Marriage Mentorship Can Help - Jeeva & Sulojana Sam 04/30/2024
info_outline 307: He Came To Me In My Dream - Violet & Jason Lange 04/22/2024
info_outline 306: Your Husband Doesn't Believe What You Say 04/15/2024
info_outline 305: Did You Ever Think About Becoming More Than Friends? - Adam & Shastyn 04/08/2024
info_outline 304: Falling in Love Again With Your Spouse - The 5 T's Needed to Rekindle Love in a Marriage That Has Gone Cold 04/02/2024
info_outline 303: How Meditation Can Enhance Your Marriage - feat. Ann Swanson 03/26/2024
info_outline 302: The Importance of Creating Together in Marriage 03/19/2024
info_outline 301: Creating Art Together Bonds Us - Esther & Spencer 03/05/2024
info_outline 300: We Know What Betrayal Feels Like, We Make Trust Important in Our Marriage - James & Angela 02/27/2024
info_outline 299: The "Golden Dating Doctors" on Senior Relationships & Finding Love & Hope After Loss 02/20/2024
info_outline 298: Creating & Celebrating Traditions - Dr Ray & Jean LIVE From Ireland 02/15/2024
info_outline 297: Celebrating Marriage During National Marriage Week - feat. Arlene Pellicane 02/06/2024
info_outline 296: Silent Sons - The Shocking Truth Behind Marital Manipulation! 01/30/2024
info_outline 295: A Family on the Road, A Bag of Tricks & Loving What We Do - feat. magician, Wes Iseli 01/23/2024
info_outline 294: 10 Things a Marriage Therapist Should Never Say to You 01/16/2024
info_outline 293: Start the New Year by Prioritizing Your Relationship Over Alcohol 01/09/2024
info_outline 292: Three Mistakes Couples Make That Ruin Their Marriage 12/19/2023
info_outline 291: I Didn't Stay For the Kids - STEVE & STEFANIE 12/12/2023
info_outline Ep 290: Weekly Homecoming - Navigating a Weekly Separation For Over 30 Years 11/27/2023
info_outline 289: Do You Think? or Do You Know? How Do You and Your Partner Figure It Out? 11/14/2023
info_outline 288: We Saved Each Other From Self Destruction - DAMON & CELESTE 11/07/2023