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Celebrating Covid19 Medical Heroes

The Celebrating Covid-19 Medical Heroes Podcast is a weekly show produced and hosted by Bill Jacobs. You will be taken on a journey behind the scenes of the frontline medical heroes who are nurses, doctors, paramedics, and many others who are risking their lives, to save yours. In the ongoing fight against the Coronavirus, we will be interviewing the many medical heroes around the country that will bring real-insights into their world, their lives, their thinking, their hopes and fears. In a small way, it is hoped that this podcast will serve as an expression of deep thanks and appreciation for all the Covid-19 Medical Heroes around the world who deserve our utmost respect, honor and gratitude. If you appreciate the brave sacrifices made by the medical heroes in your community, then this podcast is perfect for you. Press play, then turn up the volume as you start to listen to the fascinating stories behind their lives.

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