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The Cowboy Up Podcast

Dude rancher Russell True and cowboy H. Alan Day team up in Tucson, Arizona to talk all things Western. They'll share adventures from the range, from the seat of a plane's cockpit, from the back of a horse. (You may wonder how they lived to tell their tales!) And they'll have a roundup of guests, Western writers, horse lovers, chuckwagon chefs, ranchers, nature lovers. It's the West now and then.

info_outline E43S4 The Platte River Raids 04/20/2024
info_outline E42S4 Unbridled Genetics: The Power of Equine DNA Testing 04/13/2024
info_outline E41S4 Trailblazers: The Story of the Buffalo Soldiers 04/06/2024
info_outline E40S4  Polo, Ponies, & Players: A Look at the Oldest Equestrian Sport 03/30/2024
info_outline E39S4  Meet the Real Gidget! 03/23/2024
info_outline E38S4 - It's all about preserving the western way of life and the great cowboy tradition. Can we tell you about the DRA? 03/16/2024
info_outline E37S4 Stories of the Historic Eaton Ranch: The first ranch for dudes! 03/09/2024
info_outline E36S4  Mystery Writers C. J. Box and Shannon Baker 03/02/2024
info_outline E35S4  The Colorful, Fraught History of Deadwood, SD 02/24/2024
info_outline E34S4  From Ghost Bears to a Yellowstone Shipwreck 02/17/2024
info_outline E33S4  The Cowboy Way 02/10/2024
info_outline E32S4  On the Road with Ben Goldfarb 02/02/2024
info_outline E31S4  Meet Musician Greg Hager: Family Friendly and Cowboy Gentleman 01/27/2024
info_outline E30S4  Noir Westerns: Behind the Scenes with Alan K. Rode 01/20/2024
info_outline E29S4 Meet Mark Sublette 01/13/2024
info_outline E28S4  Wild Horses: What’s in Their Future? 01/06/2024
info_outline E27S4  Stories to Ring in the New Year! 12/31/2023
info_outline E26S4  Wait, You Mean Gene Autry Didn’t Write “Here Comes Santa Claus?” 12/22/2023
info_outline E25S4  America’s Signature Dishes: Tasty Culinary Treasures 12/16/2023
info_outline E24S4  The Last Warriors: Fact, Fiction and Truth 12/09/2023
info_outline E23S4  Remembering Sandra Day O’Connor (1930-2023) 12/02/2023
info_outline E22S4  When Dreams Meet Reality on the Open, Remote Range 11/25/2023
info_outline E21S4  Horse Whispering & Animal Communicating with Anna Twinney 11/18/2023
info_outline E20S4  From “Home Improvement” to Dude Ranch Roundup: Meet Debbe Dunning 11/11/2023
info_outline E19S4  Dude or Die! 11/03/2023
info_outline E18S4 Navajo Code Talkers & More 10/29/2023
info_outline E17S4  When Windfalls and Riches Await 10/20/2023
info_outline E16S4 Bringing Back Water, Soil and Life 10/13/2023
info_outline E15S4 We Love Our Animals! 10/06/2023
info_outline E14S4  Riding the Pony Express 09/30/2023