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The Cowboy Up Podcast

Dude rancher Russell True and cowboy H. Alan Day team up in Tucson, Arizona to talk all things Western. They'll share adventures from the range, from the seat of a plane's cockpit, from the back of a horse. (You may wonder how they lived to tell their tales!) And they'll have a roundup of guests, Western writers, horse lovers, chuckwagon chefs, ranchers, nature lovers. It's the West now and then.

info_outline E13: Dude Ranching DNA 09/22/2020
info_outline E12: Gotta Love Your Mentors 09/12/2020
info_outline E11: How Many Hats Can A Cowboy Wear? Ask Ross Knox 09/07/2020
info_outline E10: Veterans, Their Families & Wild Mustangs 08/23/2020
info_outline E9: The Lady Who Led the Way 08/13/2020
info_outline E8: The Making of a Supreme Court Justice 08/09/2020
info_outline E7: Diana Madaras and the Spirit of Western Art 07/31/2020
info_outline E6: Celebrate "The National Day of the Cowboy" 07/23/2020
info_outline E5: Training, Adopting & Saving Wild Horses 07/17/2020
info_outline E4: Wild Horses and Inmates—Partners in Prison 07/10/2020
info_outline E3: For the Love of Horses 06/26/2020
info_outline E2: True Tales of the West with Guest Mark Bedor 06/20/2020
info_outline E1: Raised a Cowboy, Always a Cowboy 06/12/2020