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Craig Peterson - Secure Your Business, Your Privacy, and Save Your Sanity

Listen up, folks! At Craig Peterson's one-stop virtual corner, we distill gems from the comically chaotic world of tech and security. It's like grabbing a cuppa joe with your good old buddy, who just happens to be a guru in cybersecurity! From tackling the unseen dangers lurking in your smartphone to unmasking the secrets of ransomware, Craig's podcast shines a light on the stuff you need to know. Zero-day vulnerabilities? Yep, we got that covered. Mastering the art of patching or baffled by 2FA/MFA verifications? Say no more! Whether you're a cybersecurity novice or a savvy netizen, there's something for everyone. Gear up for entertaining, engaging, and most importantly, enlightening conversations about taking charge of your digital life. 🎧☕🔒. Makes sense, yeah? Drop by and join the conversation!

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