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[Create] Faith

Hosted by Cherise Luter and focused on exploring the lives of spirit-led artists, we tell their stories and share their work. We also delve into the challenges they face as they perfect their craft and build their businesses, all while maintaining their spiritual connection to God.

info_outline S1|E13 Be His Vessel In the Earth with Pastor Richie & Hevyn Allen, Hope City Worship 07/20/2018
info_outline S1|E12 Practicing Living & Giving Well with Cory Wheeler, Wife, Mom & Creative Spirit 07/09/2018
info_outline S1|E11 Know God & Know Yourself with Denzel Johnson, Stage and Screen Actor 07/01/2018
info_outline S1|E10 Trusting Those Leaps of Faith with Samantha Royer, Marketing Strategist 06/19/2018
info_outline S1|E9 Speak Truth No Matter Who's Watching with Ashley Penny, Marketing Strategist & Founder of TrevelherCo 06/07/2018
info_outline S1|E8 The Sacred Space of Rock Bottom with Ashley Lewis, Singer & Writer 05/13/2018
info_outline S1|BONUS And the Greatest of These is Love with Cherise and Keith Luter 04/28/2018
info_outline S1|E7 I Am Here on Purpose with Javetta Allen, Storyteller & Educator 04/04/2018
info_outline S1|E6 People Help Us to Our Purpose with Caleb McKnight, Filmmaker & Actor 03/07/2018
info_outline S1|E5 Be the Light in Dark Places (Literally) with Hope Carter, Music Industry Writer and Blogger & GJ Bordallo, Video Producer 02/18/2018
info_outline S1|E4 Claiming Victory Over Toxic Emotions with Keith Luter, Jr., Singer, Songwriter and Media Producer 02/01/2018
info_outline S1|E3 (pt2) God + Woman + Creative with Da’dra Greathouse, Singer, Songwriter, & Producer 01/04/2018
info_outline S1|E3 (pt1) The Art of Co-Creation with Da’dra Greathouse, Singer, Songwriter, & Producer 01/04/2018
info_outline S1|E2 Becoming Who You Already Are with Kelly Jack, Writer and Author 01/04/2018
info_outline S1 | Mini-sode - You Are Someone's Bible with Blanca Vian, Merchant and Market 01/03/2018
info_outline S1|E1 Believe, Trust, Create with Gino & Blanca Vian, Merchant & Market 01/03/2018
info_outline S1 | Preview Episode 11/30/2017