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The Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross Show: Binge Eating Disorder, Stress Eating, Emotional Eating, Food Addiction

You can put an end to food obsessions, body dissatisfaction and cravings. You can make peace with food and your body and have the energy and vitality you want! And you can be healthy without dieting. I'm Carolyn Coker Ross, MD and I'm a specialist in treating binge eating, food addiction and emotional eating and I'd love to teach you how to regain your self-confidence, end your struggle with food and weight and be free to live your life again.

info_outline 127: Gut Function and Eating Disorders 04/03/2023
info_outline 126: Emotions, Negative Beliefs and Perfectionism: How insecure attachment can lead to eating disorders 03/07/2023
info_outline 125: Weight Stigma, Medical Backlash and Social Justice – Conversation with Stephanie Dodier 01/24/2023
info_outline Change your relationship with food NOW! Learn to eat with JOY! 01/11/2023
info_outline 123: Food Shaming 12/27/2022
info_outline 122: Grief and Loss Have Overwhelmed my Food Addiction and Binge Eating 12/13/2022
info_outline 121: What is Childhood Trauma and is it the Cause of my Food Addiction? 11/29/2022
info_outline 120: Interview with Julie Duffy Dillon 11/15/2022
info_outline 119: Eating Disorders in the Workplace 11/01/2022
info_outline 118: Interview with Ali Shapiro 10/18/2022
info_outline 117: How do I forgive those who have hurt me to heal 10/04/2022
info_outline 116: Body Image Issues in Men 09/20/2022
info_outline 115: Leveraging Your Brain Power to Overcome RDS 09/06/2022
info_outline 114: Food and Mood and RDS 08/23/2022
info_outline 113: Developmental Trauma - Interview with Dr. Joanne and Dr. Lynne on 08/01/2022
info_outline 112: What is Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS) and how can it help me heal my Food Addiction 07/18/2022
info_outline 111: How to Free Yourself from the Tyranny of the Scale 06/10/2022
info_outline 110: The Future of Eating Disorder Treatment (with Dr. Jillian Lampert) 05/12/2022
info_outline 109: I’ve lost my passion and purpose and food is all I have! 04/26/2022
info_outline 108: Help! I’m Stressed to the Max and I can’t Stop Eating! 03/31/2022
info_outline 107: Betsy Thurston Interview 03/15/2022
info_outline 106: How to, for once and for all, make peace with your body 03/09/2022
info_outline 105: How body movement can help heal binge eating and food addiction 03/04/2022
info_outline 104: Skills you can use to stop binging and overeating NOW 02/14/2022
info_outline 103: Breaking free of the foods that hold you hostage 01/28/2022
info_outline 102: Five Steps to Recovery: #5 Finding Soul Satisfaction 01/11/2022
info_outline 101: Five Steps to Recovery: #4 Creating New Core Beliefs 12/27/2021
info_outline 100: The Five Steps to Recovery: #3 Embracing the Body's Wisdom 12/13/2021
info_outline 99: The Five Steps to Recovery: #2 - Emerging from the emotional soup 11/23/2021
info_outline 98: The Five Steps to Recovery: #1 Stopping Superficial Behaviors 11/16/2021