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Cyber Security Sauna

Cyber Security Sauna brings you expert guests with sizzling insight into the latest information security trends and topics. WithSecure's Janne Kauhanen hosts the show to make sure you know all you need to about the hotter-than-ever infosec game. Join us as we sweat out the hot topics in security.

info_outline 086| Why showing value is more important for CISOs than ever 01/03/2024
info_outline 085| NIST Cyber Security Framework V.2 – Help or Hindrance? 11/22/2023
info_outline 084| Let's Talk About Threats Baby 11/01/2023
info_outline 083| Security by design for CISOs 10/09/2023
info_outline 082| Hyped and Hacked - AI in Cyber Security 09/20/2023
info_outline 081| Mudge - the man, the myth, the mythbusting 08/28/2023
info_outline 080| The Power Of Putting Security Outcomes First 08/07/2023
info_outline 079|(Mind the) Detection and Response Gap 07/17/2023
info_outline 078| John Grant on the relationship between sustainability and cyber security 06/26/2023
info_outline 077| Jessica Berlin and Stephen Robinson on the cyber front 06/06/2023
info_outline 076| What we get wrong (and right) about APTs 05/08/2023
info_outline 075| Winning with outcome-based security 04/04/2023
info_outline 074| Do you even patch bro? 03/07/2023
info_outline 073| 2023 - Looking Forward 02/01/2023
info_outline 072| 2022 Wrap-Up 01/01/2023
info_outline 071| Deepfakin it: AI content in cyber attacks 12/05/2022
info_outline Cyber Security Sauna: Breaking Views – The Vastaamo case 11/09/2022
info_outline 070| Crowdsourcing Security with Bug Bounties 11/02/2022
info_outline 069| Cyber conflicts, Corporations and Collateral damage 10/03/2022
info_outline SPHERE SESSION | Johanna Småros on winning the algorithmic retail 09/26/2022
info_outline SPHERE SESSION | Matthew Rosenquist on why value is the cybersecurity blindspot 09/13/2022
info_outline 068|The other TTPs: Tools, technologies, and people 09/07/2022
info_outline SPHERE SESSION | Sari Stenfors on AI, humanness and positive futures 08/19/2022
info_outline SPHERE SESSION | Risto Siilasmaa on trust as the building block for businesses 08/09/2022
info_outline SPHERE SESSION | Christine Bejerasco on the development of ransomware 07/29/2022
info_outline 067| How Mikko Hypponen learned to stop worrying and love the internet 07/14/2022
info_outline SPHERE SESSION | Simone Giertz on building useless things 07/11/2022
info_outline SPHERE SESSION | Carole Cadwalladr on threats to democracy 06/30/2022
info_outline SPHERE SESSION | Philip Ingram on nation-state threats 06/13/2022
info_outline 066| Co-security: collaboration, cooperation and cyber security 04/05/2022