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Join Jamie Ratermann, a holistic business coach, every Thursday to explore reflections and conversations focused on building a healthy and wealthy online business. You get to nurture your success by honoring your business’s biggest asset—you as the leader. On this show, we are redefining what a life-giving work week looks like. Jamie will cover topics like mental health, breaking free from the hustle, the power of belief, self-worth, spirituality in business as well as marketing strategy, content creation and confidence in selling. This show’s mission is to help you build a resilient foundation of email, website and social media presence to promote your business. Entrepreneurship is a self-discovery journey to resilient wealth and health within your life’s purpose. This show is here to encourage you to become radically aware of your self-imposed limits, to break free of your "shoulds", and to expand your brand into a movement led by YOU. Follow Jamie on Instagram (and all socials): @JamieRatermann https://www.instagram.com/jamieratermann/ Sign up for the 3 Steps to 30 Days of Content Mini Course: https://www.jamieratermann.com/30-days-of-content All programs and offers found here: https://www.jamieratermann.com/

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