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Dad is an exploration into the meaning of fatherhood. Each episode features interviews with fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters who discuss parenting, life, loss, expectations and much more. Host Jonathan Greene is a father of two teenagers, a writer, speaker, and an entrepreneur who strives to live an authentic life without regret. That’s why he listened to his desire to leave standardized employment behind and move toward a creative lifestyle of writing and podcasting in order to spend more time with his family. Learn more at www.dadthepodcast.com.

info_outline Authentic Parenting | Anna Seewald 11/15/2018
info_outline Awesomeness Comes From Awesomeness | Robert Bullock 11/08/2018
info_outline We Turned Out Okay | Karen Lock Kolp 10/15/2018
info_outline Adventure, Amazement, and Unconditional Love | Jonathan Greene 04/10/2018
info_outline Balancing Needs, Staying Open, and Letting them Fly | Craig Johnson 04/03/2018
info_outline Rituals of Childhood and Raising Little Big Personalities | Rob Schiffmann 03/27/2018
info_outline We’re In This Village Together | Lance Somerfeld 03/20/2018
info_outline Loss, Love, and Barbie Cakes [Part 2] | Alison Donnelly 03/13/2018
info_outline Loss, Love, and Barbie Cakes [Part 1] | Alison Donnelly 03/13/2018
info_outline Kids Will Always Come First | Benjamin King 03/06/2018