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DENNIS ANYONE? with Dennis Hensley

"A podcast about making things up and making things happen." L.A.-based writer-performer Dennis Hensley believes that art and creativity make the world go around and make life worth living. Each week, he interviews a different creative person each about what they do, why they do it, and how they manage the ups and downs of a creative life. Some guests are famous, some are less so...all are what Dennis describes as "beautiful strugglers." Past guests have included authors, actors, photographers, musicians, screenwriters, acrobats and one visual artist who makes cartoons centered around dead houseflies.

info_outline I Think I Do FIlmmaker Brian Sloan: "Hey, Do You Know Somebody Named Elaine Stritch?" 04/11/2024
info_outline Transition fiImmakers Jordan Bryon and Monica Villamizar: "Surely I Could Have Found A Nicer Bra To Burn" 04/04/2024
info_outline A LOVE LETTER TO XANADU with Alonso Duralde and Dave White from the Linoleum Knife film review podcast 03/28/2024
info_outline Author Abdi Nazemian Part 2 ("Only This Beautiful Moment"): "My Books Aren't About The Fact That They've Been Banned. My Books Are About What They're About" 03/21/2024
info_outline Author Abdi Nazemian ("Like A Love Story"): "The Opposite of Shame Is Madonna" 03/14/2024
info_outline ACMT WORKSHOP REUNION w/ Kristin Dahl, Sherri Fleming, Karole Forman, Dennis Osborne and Jon Thomas 03/07/2024
info_outline TCM Host and Author Dave Karger (50 Oscar Nights): "Oprah Roses Don't Die" 02/29/2024
info_outline THE YEAR IN MOVIES 2023 Part 2 w/ film critic Glenn Gaylord and actor-writer Drew Droege 02/22/2024
info_outline THE YEAR IN MOVIES 2023 Part 1 w/ film critic Glenn Gaylord and actor-writer-film lover Drew Droege 02/15/2024
info_outline Playwright & Director Luke Yankee ("Marilyn, Mom & Me"): "My Mother Was Famous For Going 'Fire, Ready, Aim'!" 02/08/2024
info_outline Author Curtis Chin ("Everything I Learned, I Learned In A Chinese Restaurant"): "I Live My Life As A Chinese Waiter" 02/01/2024
info_outline Author Tim Murphy ("Speech Team"): "I Don't Even Think I Knew What Mincing Meant" 01/25/2024
info_outline ""ONLY IN WEHO!" The Creators & Stars of the webseries "OPEN TO IT" play YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE! 01/18/2024
info_outline Performer-Writer Adam Sank: "Stop Freakin' Taking My Neosporin" 01/09/2024
info_outline NEW YEARS IN PALM SPRINGS GAME NIGHT w/ Craig Chester, Jack Kenny, Byron Lane & Terry Ray playing You Don't Know My Life! 01/06/2024
info_outline Filmmaker Todd Verow & Actor Guillermo Diaz: "It Was Like Summer Camp...With Poppers" 12/28/2023
info_outline Excerpts from Dennis Hensley's THE MISMATCH GAME: I'll Be Homo For Christmas Edition 12/21/2023
info_outline Performer & Radio Host John Hill ("Wellness Check"): "I Thought I Had EGOT-ed At Six Flags" 12/13/2023
info_outline Holiday Gift Guide 2023 w/ Michael DeMartino, Eddie Shapiro, Dudley Beene & Patrick Marks 12/07/2023
info_outline Author Mark S. King (My Fabulous Disease) Part 2: "I Am, By The Way, A Ginger Daddy And I'm Hanging On To That" 11/30/2023
info_outline Filmmaker Billy Luther ("Frybread Face & Me"): "I Just Knew I Had a Story To Tell" 11/22/2023
info_outline Author Mark S. King (My Fabulous Disease): "I Grew Into My Top-hood" 11/16/2023
info_outline Mad Magazine & Match Game writer Dick DeBartolo Part 2: "If I Come Up With Something Stupid, I Can Just Put It Up on Facebook" 11/09/2023
info_outline Mad Magazine & Match Game Writer Dick DeBartolo: "Yes, Alfed E. Neuman Is Running For President" 11/02/2023
info_outline Filmmaker Dion Labriola (Dear Ike: Lost Letters to a Teen Idol): "Thanks for the Smile! - Carrot Top" 10/26/2023
info_outline Writer-Performer Mitchell Anderson (You Better Call Your Mother): "I Owe It All To My Dirty Laundry" 10/19/2023
info_outline Writer-Performer Ryan Raftery (Mother of the Year: The Kris Jenner Musical): "It's Like Having Your Brain Stroked To A Low-Grade Orgasm" 10/10/2023
info_outline Cartoonist Carlo Quispe (Uranus Comics): "Stop The Car! Stop The Car! Elizabeth Berkley Is Right There!" 10/03/2023
info_outline Singer Jim Verraros ("Take My Bow"): "I Just Got Tired Of People Telling Me I Needed To Be Something Other Than Who I Was" 09/28/2023