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Devon Dice Presents

This podcast is about board and card games, our hobby. Join Joel, Tom and Lewis on this new podcast. They like to talk about games they have been playing, news from around the world, good Kickstarters and ones that fail, a topic or 2 and bonus content which will be most likely to be doing a proper Game review.

info_outline 64. DDP Lots of Board Games Again: Architects of the West Kingdom, Clank In Space, Die hard 03/25/2019
info_outline 63. DDP Sam i back on A wing and a fireball, Fireball Island and Wingspan 01/25/2019
info_outline 62. DDP First show of 2019. KeyForge, Big Book of Madness, Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr 01/09/2019
info_outline 61. DDP Post Essen Show 2018 Black Out; Hong Kong, Mutants, Monumental 11/05/2018
info_outline 60. DDP TableTop Game Live, Pandemic Fall of Rome, Keyforge, Monumental 10/16/2018
info_outline 59. DDP The One That Got Away 09/24/2018
info_outline 58. DDP Just a Quick one Tonight 09/05/2018
info_outline 57. DDP Top 3 Kickstarter, Backed, Received and Played 08/20/2018
info_outline 56. DDP Gen Can’t Be Arsed, The Gen Con 2018 Episode. 08/07/2018
info_outline 55. The First Devon Dice Disconnects Pub Quiz Featuring Fiona from The Game Shelf 07/23/2018
info_outline 54. Does Size Matter? Devon Dice Podcast. 07/16/2018
info_outline 53. DDP Little to Nothing, Meeples Corner Top 10’s of the UKGE. 07/02/2018
info_outline 52. The Travel Edition, Our Top 3 Games to Take on Holiday 06/18/2018
info_outline 51 DDP Live From The UK Games Expo 2018 06/05/2018
info_outline 50 DDP The UKGE 2018 Preview Show 05/21/2018
info_outline 49. DDP the Big Numbers Game 05/07/2018
info_outline 48. DDP The Second Coming 04/26/2018
info_outline 48. DDP The Second Coming 04/26/2018
info_outline 47 DDP Monopoly is Never Good 04/07/2018
info_outline Devon Dice Unhinged 5. 03/30/2018
info_outline 46 DDP, Serial Lurking 03/08/2018
info_outline 45, DDP Freezing Ballz and Board games 02/09/2018
info_outline Devon Dice Unhinged 4. He’s back... Lewis is not dead! 02/04/2018
info_outline 44. DDP The two of us and cardboard 01/18/2018
info_outline 43. DDP The best Games of 2017 (In our opinion) 01/02/2018
info_outline 42. Devon Dice Podcast The Christmas special 2017 12/26/2017
info_outline 41. Devon Dice: Happy Essen After Podcast 11/06/2017
info_outline 40. Devon Dice Podcast The top 6 games we want from Essen Spiel 2017 10/13/2017
info_outline 39. Devon Dice Podcast, Flipping ships, wagons and Regrets 10/06/2017
info_outline 3. Unhinged Podcast Theme Parks, Star Trek, Essen and Down Force 09/30/2017