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Deep Fat Fried

An educational show made by and for the uneducated. Escape into the imaginations of three stoner degenerates who are learning along the way with you.

info_outline Hunter Avallone and Girlfriend Attacked - Marilyn Manson: Sober Christian? - Destiny Divorce Drama - Ranking Star Wars Movies - Chris Christie White Knights - Atheists "Defeated" - Onion Nuggetz 12/8/23 12/09/2023
info_outline GTA 6 Woke? Israel Protests, House Explodes During Raid, Disturbing Videos, Gen Alpha Nightmare Students, Daily Wire Cringe Shows, Boogie2988 Documentary Update - Onion Nuggetz 12/5/23 12/06/2023
info_outline Lady Ballers Trailer Reaction, Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom Debate, The Lies of George Santos, Elon Musk Sabotaging Twitter, Killer Babysitter Interrogation - Onion Nuggetz 12/1/23 12/02/2023
info_outline After School Satan Group Vindicated, Ron DeSantis Anti-Drag Bill Blocked, History of Violence in Congress, Jordan Peterson and Bill Maher Discuss What Women Want, Community Notes Wrecking Idiots, Driver Fails - Onion Nuggetz 11/17/23 11/18/2023
info_outline Vaush Comes to Onion Nuggetz - Voting Debate, Debating Vaush on Voting, Military Weaponizing Cannabis, Bill Maher vs. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bumbling Biden vs. Senile Trump 11/15/2023
info_outline Onion Nuggetz 11/10/23 - Leftist Wins in Election, Dangerous Foods, Republican Debate Lowlights, Trump Speech, Boogie2988 Grovels for Sympathy, Bill Maher Boomer Shorts 11/11/2023
info_outline Onion Nuggetz 11/7/23 - Nature Fights Back, History's Worst Dads, Cringe Israeli Comedy Sketch, Terrible Daily Wire Cartoons, Jordan Peterson is Even Worse Now 11/08/2023
info_outline RFK Jr. Rising in Polls, Crazy Gatekeeping, Weird Town Names, Awful Christian Apologist, Virtual Reality Fails, Elon Musk Challenges Mark Zuckerberg to Duel - Onion Nuggetz 11/3/23 11/04/2023
info_outline American Polarization, Victorian Halloween Traditions, Halloween Franchise Trivia, Fraudulent "Health" Products, Michael Knowles, Weirdest Animals, Craziest Videos Ever - Onion Nuggetz 10/30/23 10/31/2023
info_outline Tournament of Terror: Fright Weights 10/25/2023
info_outline Defining Demons, Biden Israel-Hamas Speech, Pastor Defends Slavery, NPC TikToks, George Bush Masterclass, Matt Walsh's Anti-Trans Rhetoric, Advocating Peace in Palestine is "Radical" - Onion Nuggetz 10/20/23 10/21/2023
info_outline Cenk Uygur's Money-Grubbing Campaign, People Killed by Their Pets, "Prank" YouTubers F Around and Find Out, "Prophetic" Woke School Horror Film, Israel Simps, Daily Wire for Kids - Onion Nuggetz 10/17/23 10/18/2023
info_outline Israel and Palestine, Right Wing Memes, Cenk Uygur, Tarantino Movie Ranking, Michael Knowles LOVES Naked Biden, Lame Movie Monsters, Ken Ham on Creation - Onion Nuggetz 10/13/23 10/14/2023
info_outline Roger Ebert Reviewed = DFF #110 (Previously Patrons Only) 10/04/2023
info_outline Writers' Strike Ends, Trump Guilty of Fraud, Gutfeld's Painfully Unfunny, British Royal Scandals, and Ben Shapiro Brags About Riches - Onion Nuggetz 9/27/23 09/28/2023
info_outline Strike Updates, Murdoch Steps Down, Sound Effects, Main Character Syndrome, British PSAs and TikToks, Ray Comfort's Demon Book, Vaush Trashes Third Parties - Onion Nuggetz 9/22/23 09/23/2023
info_outline Everything is Gay, Awful Pretentious Foods, Deposition Meltdowns, Ray Comfort Hasn't Changed, Andrew Tate Threatens TJ - Onion Nuggetz 9/19/23 09/20/2023
info_outline Unbelievable World Records, Kevin Sorbo's Weird Anti-Woke Kid's Book, Michael Knowles Thinks Apple is Pagan, War Monger Ben Shapiro - Onion Nuggetz 9/15/23 09/16/2023
info_outline Abortion is Up, Mike Lindell Loses It, Shocking UK Political Scandals, Friday the 13th Quiz - Onion Nuggetz 9/12/23 09/15/2023
info_outline Project 2025, McConnel and Pelosi are Here to Stay, PragerU, Malicious Compliance, Limeys, Animal Politicians - Onion Nuggetz 9/8/23 09/09/2023
info_outline Trump Might Not Be Able to Run, Which Characters Have the Most Rule 34, Weirdest Legal Defenses, Conservatives are "Persecuted," British People Have No Taste - Onion Nuggetz 9/5/23 09/06/2023
info_outline Not So Nice Girls, Philosophical Questions, Vivek Ramaswamy on Racism, Myths About the Old West - Onion Nuggetz 8/29/23 08/30/2023
info_outline Onion Nuggetz 8/18/23 - Crazy Pastor Destroys Barbie House, Mythical Creatures You've Never Heard Of, Weird Food-Related Deaths, Michael Knowles Loves Repressing Homosexuality, Furry Meme Cringe 08/19/2023
info_outline Trump Indicted Again, Moronic Hot Takes, Furries Respond to Haters, Worst Acting Performances, "Nice Guys," PragerU Denies Genocide, Paul Twerking - Onion Nuggetz 8/15/23 08/16/2023
info_outline Onion Nuggetz 8/11/23 - Insult Origins, How to Furry Con, Poorly Aged Commercials, Political Career Enders, Ben Shapiro Thinks Doja Cat is Satanic, Cringe Compilation 08/12/2023
info_outline Mitch McConnel Booed, Idiots in Cars, African Special Effects, Christian YouTuber Feels Persecuted by California - Onion Nuggetz 8/8/23 08/09/2023
info_outline Onion Nuggetz 8/5/23 - Trump Indicted Again, Lizzo Is Cancelled, Shitty Tattoos, Superstitions Around the World, Horrible Video Game Voice Acting 08/06/2023
info_outline Trump Indicted Again, Weird Food Combos, "Proof" of God, Female Andrew Tate, Furry Cringe - Onion Nuggetz 8/1/23 08/02/2023
info_outline The Road to the Supernatural and Paranormal Gauntlet 07/29/2023
info_outline Fake News, Crazy Videos, Doomsday Predictions, Shapeshifters, Ghosts - Onion Nuggetz 7/25/23 07/26/2023